Sea of Thieves

What’s up with these simultaneous encounters?

Sea of Thieves 4 - What's up with these simultaneous encounters?

Hey fellow pirates,

first of all, i love the Spoils updates. Everything feels more alive and adventurous. But why are these simultaneous encounters so goddamn frequent?

We are a group of average pirates. Below average PVP wise but we cleared skellyfleets and forts before so we at least know what we are doing (most of the times). We encountered our first kraken ever after the update and got sunk pretty quickly because we didn't know what to do to have a chance. We still had fun and swore revenge the next time Karen would attack (we watched a guide to be prepared), but since then, everytime we get attacked by the kraken, something else comes out of nowhere and attacks us too.


Yesterday we killed the first two tentacles without a problem but then Meg showed up and screwed us over. Karen wrapped our ship and grabbed one of us, the second got thrown off by meg while he was trying to get the tentacle off our ship and the thrid one was repairing like a maniac. The second i (the grabbed one) got back to the ship Meg attacked again and threw me off again. Since karen had us in her grasp for an awful long time, our repairman couldn't repair and bucket fast enough on his own and we sunk.

That was the third time something like this happens… we sail around for 2 Hours without any encounters and then BAM 2-3 things at once. It's so frustrating…. We only killed shadowmaw because every other meg got help by skellyships or some other stuff.

Are we just having bad luck or is this intended?

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