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What’s your opinion on the use of discord for 6 ship athena runs?

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My eyes have been opened at the possibilities, but also the problems from it. I started using discord recently and found this phenomenon. I've met many PL just trying to grind Athena, as well as many non PL trying to grind everything. It amazes me the vast amount of non PL who are 6+ Athena but not pirate legend. Many of these people(more pc than not) have only been playing a month or less.

I like the idea of alliances, but I feel like the way it is now is ruining the game. I was staunch against this actually happening, and the majority of average players aren't doing this, but it's alive and in full effect. I truly don't understand the HUGE emphasis RARE is putting into ease of becoming legend and full Athena. I hope RARE has some ideas and reasons for this push. Hopefully it'll be more pvp based end game stuff.

There are already limited items to separate a PL, it gets annoying non PL being able to rock the majority of PL gear in Athena items. I understand I was using the alliance as well, but it's extremely frustrating talking to players who have cheesed their way to Athena 6+ 40 40 40 in 2 weeks. Mostly from one week worth of full server alliances.


I know I'll get roasted for this, but I truly find it annoying that while so much effort WAS required it's now not. Add to it non PL having almost the same amount of end game outfit gear is rubbish. What are there? 6 actual outfit cosmetics only for PL?

TL/DR. I hope RARE has a plan and reason for making it so much easier to level up and push people to full legends. Otherwise this game will be full of empty seas due to boredom. I'm full aware I have used this as well. Athena quests require minimum hour+ time, often much more. My personal annoyance is when you have an ad up for a speed run, only to have people bi*ch about not getting the other money and rep…. To which my reply is normally, "then why did you lie and say you're a legend?" I know it sounds d*ckish, but that extra 45+ min of getting everything is the difference between getting 3 or 4 Athena done or 2. I enjoy the game, but have witnessed the boredom before. Imagine how bad it is after everyone can pretty easily make PL and Athena 10. There's literally nothing left to do after that other than commendation hunting.

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