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When free loot isn’t enough.

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Was doing a Legend voyages yesterday in open crew but with 3 people i knew.

At one point someone fell asleep behind his pc(Not the first time it happened) So after roughly 10 minutes he gets booted.

another 10 minutes pass untill a random comes in.(I've been inviting friends but they were all busy or afk so they were not lucky enough to get a free athena's chest xP)

We were just docking in to do one of the two animal's quest(We had 3 quests left after we turned it all in) And all the loot we gathered as well.

So this guy comes in, And says something like " Ohh i just came in at the right time didn't i"

Now something about the way he said it just made me think he was a cunt. And i replied, You sure did buddy, We're just about to sell.

And my other friend said, Yep. We're a little over half way done and just about to sell some stuff.

We sell our stuff and make our way over to shipwreck bay.
We have one animal quest left so we had some cages on deck and already snake baskets filled.

So i see this d*ckhead throwing our stuff overboard. At first it was a chicken coop we didn't need. And i said, Did you just threw that overboard? And i checked behind me, yep he did.

But not just that, our animals as well including the pig cages and he left.
Did not take long for us to find everything back but in my head i was swearing this guy out left and right. All we did was give him free loot and he still managed to find that little corrupted part of him trying to fu*k us over. Even though he could've waited a little bit and get a free Athena's chest. But what ever.

We get our stuff back and a few minutes later we see we got a new person.


Hey there Crow, how are you doing i say.

No reponds. In my head i think great. But… he might just still be loading in.
Few minutes later i hear a faint high pitched "Hello?"

Turns out he's around 10 years old and this is his first game…

Now a part of me said to myself.. Why me. Why now?(I ended the quest @4AM and it took quite a bit longer than expected)
The other part of me said, It's good he came in this game. We can help him out and make sure his first game is a good game.

As we went along we told him the basics. Missions/Map/mermaid/Weapons(He wanted unlimited bullets! :P) And made him help us with the missions, he dug up some treasure. Blew up some captains with the cannons.

We did tell him. We're doing endgame voyages and they will spawn a crap ton of skellies so prepare to die a lot. He didn't mind he seemed to have a good time. Once we finished @4AM i was just tired and wanted to go to bed, I kinda felt bad since he wanted to do skull fort but i was just too tired.

In the end i was happy an innocent 10 year old came in my game that had no experience what so ever versus the twat that received plenty of free loot and decided to be the biggest d*ck you can be in this game.

Got the last 5 minutes on shadow play.. i might actually just report him for griefing.


Friend falls asleep, Gets replaced by random person who was lucky enough to enter the game when we were about to sell, Then once we took off to the next island threw our cages/coops overboard and left. Little kid enters the game for the first time and we showed him the ropes.

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