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When I stole a Stronghold-Chest from a ”Rare” Galleon, a Legend Galleon, and a Legend Sloop.

Desktop 06.11.2017 1024x576 - When I stole a Stronghold-Chest from a ''Rare'' Galleon, a Legend Galleon, and a Legend Sloop.

Aye, when the Fort came up, me any my duo went for it. Just to find a galleon with ''Rare's only'' Sails and another galleon with Legends. I told my duo to go hide our ship while I swam over to hide to get the commendations. Frankly, they saw me, and started shooting at me, but for some reason they didn't take chase and I hid on some rocks behind the fort. A Legend sloop (that me and my duo sank twice an hour before) also arrived, looked like they teamed up as well.


THEN, I hear the boss battle, adrenaline kicks in and I said to my self; why not go on to Rare's ship and see what happens. What happened was… nothing, literally nothing, I was waiting and waiting and waiting, hiding on their ship. So I figured, lets go see whats up. What caught my eye insted was the two gunpowder barrels placed on the bowsprit. I smiled :). I took one and blew it up under Rare's ship. Took the other and blew it up under the other galleon. People flocked to their ships, and the Rare ship sunk, while they barely managed to save the other galleon. I went up their crows nest, found another barrel, set fire to it and dropped it, killed a man and I was dying of laughter. I quickly jumped over to the sloop, killed another man and ram the ship into the island. Sadly, none but the Rare ship sunk. While they were all confused on whats going on, I managed to take the stronghold chest, sadly didn't find the skull, but got the chest, told my duo to get the F… here and pick me up. I swam out with the chest, my duo picked me up, and we got to an outpost and sold it. 😀 We were dying of laughter.

Read:  I’ve been playing this game since beta and have loved every minute of it, but I’m getting a bit tired of the game still feeling like it is in beta. I had a lot of faith that updates would bring more things to do but there is no incentive to do previous content nor have they had any real impact.

(Long story short)= Reached the fort, hid behind, blew up ships, stole and sold the stronghold chest from 2 galleons and a sloop (teamed):)

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