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When Rare implements Skeleton Lords they shouldn’t be like normal skeleton bosses

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Personally I think when skeleton lords are implemented they should have there own move set compared to normal skeletons and I have a few suggestions on what they could be.

FIRST would be that they would be able grab you by the neck and suck the soul out of you killing you instantly. This would happen after a certain time after they grab your neck leaving time for your crew to help you break free from the skeleton lords grasp.

SECOND would be that if your crew is ganging up on a skeleton lord it would make a stop on the ground sending you and your crew flying back as well have debris falling.

THIRD is particularly for the gold hoarder lord and that is he would be able to turn you into solid gold making it unable for you to move unless one of your crew mates shoots you freeing you from being solid gold.

FOURTH is the skeleton lord would be able to posses one of your crew mates and turn them into a rapid skeleton attacking the rest of your crew. The player who is possessed will still be able to control there character steer there character but it would be really hard just like steering a boat in a storm.


FITH the lord would be able to turn you into a chicken for a certain amount of time leaving you defenseless for 10 secs.

For people who would want to these solo there would obviously ways for you to do counter these for example you would be able to struggle your way out of the skeleton lords grasp by spamming RT + LT and for the ones that freeze you/turn into a chicken there would be timers for them so you’d be able to get free even if you didn’t have a crew.

Now I understand that people might say how challenging these moves might be to take on but in my opinion I look at the skeleton lords as being the most difficult encounters you’ll come across on the sea and they would require some skill and knowledge to take down instead of spam swinging a sword of just brainlessly shooting it like normal skeletons. That’s just my opinion but what do you think?

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