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Who else thinks the game needs lots of work on combat and progression?

tvAX34cZGc9ggn8AfTcyRH 1024x558 - Who else thinks the game needs lots of work on combat and progression?

I think that the devs have done a wonderful job with the updates so far.

But I can’t help but think that a number of day 1 criticisms are still a problem, and continue to drag new content down. These problems are:

  1. Progression (mostly gold progression)

  2. Combat (Mostly on-foot progression)

I’m not saying that Rare don’t ever plan to tackle these things, as they have been receptive to feedback, but I just want to make sure that I communicate what I think about these issues. I think these are 2 of the core issues surrounding player dissatisfaction and lack of player retention.

My best solutions for this this would be to:

  1. Find a way to introduce gold sinks that aren’t purely cosmetic. How about weapons with trade offs? How about equipment that only helps in PvE? Potions (I’m certain this one is in the works)? Or pieces of advantageous equipment that have limited uses?

People have been saying since day 1 that you can do everything SoT has to offer in a few hours, solve that by introducing some mechanically interesting items that a buyable with gold. The game needs more fun ass carrots to dangle in front of its players.


Progression with TC’s is mostly ok, especially now that doubloons are retroactively obtainable. That was a super important change. Just need more TC’s.

  1. On foot combat still feels very clunky. There are a lot of first person games out at the moment that feels a lot better than SoT. SoT doesn’t feel terrible, just not great.

But the main problem is that the combat is just so shallow. More weapon variety would go a long way to mitigate this problem. So this overlaps with the first point, perhaps weapon variants with trade offs would be interesting? Limited use heavy weaponry that could be found lying around, similar to cursed canon-balls?

The skills ceiling just doesn’t feel high enough, and I’m sure as Rare know, one of the key components of self determination theory is competence. We want to be able to feel like he can master something, but none of the (on-foot) combat options currently feel like that.

TL;DR is the first paragraph really

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