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Why are there so many clueless players in open galleons?

Sea of Thieves 1 - Why are there so many clueless players in open galleons?

If you join a match in other games it is rare to see people who dont have any idea what they are doing. Take a shooter like battlefield. sometimes you will have a few teammates that arent any good, but they are at least running around and trying to shoot people. even if they are bad at the game, they still know what they should be trying to do.

But in this game I find so many people that are completely lost and have no idea what they are supposed to do. I join open crews a lot since launch, and sometimes I stick around with people who seem to have no idea what they are doing to help them learn. Many of them seem to get mad when you try and stop them from sailing in circles with no voyage active. You all know the type, weve all run into them if you ever join an open crew.


Why do you think this happens so much in this game? Is it because there isnt any tutorial so a lot of people just join a ship and figure it out really slowly? Is it because there arent many other games that are really similar, so people dont have anything to compare it to? Do some people think its just a sailing simulator? Whats going on here?

Im just curious here, not trying to make any judgement or debate about open crews. I just have never seen a playerbase so lost in a video game before. Id be really interested if someone has seen the same kind of thing in another game, because i havnt.

Its often kind of funny actually to join people who are completely lost, and try to gather them into a competent crew.

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