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Why I love this game

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Why I love this game

So I was out doing some OoS quests in a solo sloop when I found a map in a bottle. It sent me off to a small island full of skeletons but a bit of digging later and a lot of fighting I had six very nice chests (well, 5 very nice chests and one super tearful chest of sorrows). I'm not too worried though as there's an outpost nearby.

As I approach the outpost, bailing desperately, I see another sloop just leaving, so, just to be careful, I come round from the opposite side. And there's the sloop. He's turned back round and is coming after me. Well I'm not having that. So I decide to head NW to another outpost. Sure it's a long way and the wind is against me and my boat is constantly filling with water, but they're my chests.

So off I go and he chases. He's gaining as I have to keep going downstairs to bail. No matter, the outpost is just past this rock. And guess what, there's a galleon parked up there. OK, this is really pissing me off now but there's another outpost to the north. The galleon doesn't follow (thank god) but the sloop does.

Pass the next outpost and quietly jump off with the chest of sorrows, letting my ship sail on. I cash it in just in time to see the sloop chasing after my captainless boat. Mermaid appears and I jump back.


I now try to clear the rest of the water while I wonder what to do. At that point I hit a rock. Holes everywhere, boat spins round. I try to fix but then realise I'm now sailing right in front of the sloop. He starts to open fire and I think what the hell, I sink, I sink, and run off to man the cannon. He's having no luck with his shots but I am. I pepper his sloop and then kill him with a lucky shot. I go to start fixing holes. As I'm bailing I notice he's sinking. Result. Drop anchor and fix things properly.

As I'm doing that I hear a splash and the next thing I know he's climbed on board. There's a good old set too before I finally dispatch him for good. At last I sail back to the outpost and sell my booty. It was going to be a quick trip to the outpost, cash in then log out but it turned into a mammoth trip across the map and ended with an excellent battle. What a brilliant time. You can keep your fortnite, this will do me just fine.

tl/dr; I got chased across the map but sunk him in the end and even if I hadn't it would still have been worth it.

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