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Why I’m not interested in skeleton thrones, or likely any other soon to come event

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TLDR; We need a new way to earn gold. Cosmetics are cool but we have tons to earn already, a new way to earn gold would be amazing to shake up the core gameplay loop

Little back story, I've played a ton of this game. I've played since the betas, ive played hours and hours and hours of the full game, and I've got plenty of expeirence for solo and full crews alike. I've got everything bit of expeirence I can get under my belt. And after all that, I've decided to share my opinion on some things.

So I played all the way till hungering deep non stop and enjoyed it for the most part. Obviously the lack of content sucked but that's just how it was. Now I wasn't too excited for HD because I figured it would be relatively small, and thus I had fun. Did it a few times, made some awesome memories, and so on, but I stopped pretty quickly after that.

But the big thing that I didn't get was that I was expecting some way to make money. Something new to shake up the formula. I'm tired of skeletons, I'm tired of chests, I'm tired of chickens and snakes and the whole lot. I'm even tired of skeleton forts. I want a new way to make gold, but we're not getting that.


This is why the title is how it is. What's the point of coming back for the thrones? New cosmetics to earn? I know that cosmetics are the point of the game but come on, we've got plenty of others to earn. I know you can trade dabloons for some rep and I think gold too but you can't redo thrones so that's basically worthless.

Simply put, I want a change to the gameplay loop. This whole plan of "add a few hours of something new then send them back to the grind" just isn't fun or interesting, not for me and I know not for many others. New stuff is cool bjts it's doing very little, almost nothing to spice up the gameplay loop. I'm still hopeful as this is only the 2nd content update but still, I need something new to actually do. Not "do" as in do it once then never have a reason to do it again, something properly new. Let's discuss.

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