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Why time limited events aren’t bad in this game and Infact good for this game

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So I have seen lots of complaints about “time limited events/rewards” especially coming off of Cursed sails which got backlash for its “time locking” which everyone including me thought was a bad decision by rare. That doesn’t mean these timed events are bad though because before CS there wasn’t any backlash with previous events in this game Infact everyone just posted on this sub how fun they were. You see time limited events in this game are special because they can’t do what just a patch would do and that is make this world feel lively and they give a reason for players to comeback and embark on these adventures which is important for the game keep stay a float. Player engagement especially today in games is more important than you may think hence why you see all these other games do time limited events . Some players might say this is “evil” which I can agree on BUT not this game Infact I think the way the game handles timed events perfectly. I see people complain and say that “it’s locking content and gameplay” But in reality it isn’t, everything added in stays and enriches the game which can’t be said for other games that do limited events. Example overwatch and R6S both lock content and gameplay by having modes that are only around for a certain amount of time but then gone, this is what you call EVIL. The only thing SOT limited is cosmetics and campaigns. 1st let me start off by saying that these limited time campaigns aren’t gameplay or deep content, if you consider 3 journals “content” there is something wrong there. Campaigns do provide some lore and context though which is what some people want and in FS rare confirmed in there tavern stream that the campaign will be a permanent addition and not “time limited”. Second is limited time cosmetics now these reward players who jump play when it drops which again helps player engagement, a thing crucial for the games success and helps it compete especially with games in the holiday season like fallout and red dead. If these weren’t limited there would be no point on doing the event so why play it if there isn’t anything to work towards? You could say they can still just have it in game but not limited that mentality though leads to players putting the game off and eventually moving on to different games which is bad because you need players or else there’s no point in having the servers stay on.If they were truly limited which they are not I would see why people would have issues with this but there not. Rare have stated many times that all these “limited items” would make a return which again this really player friendly because other games that do this BS make it 100% limited and I achievable. Also the fact that Rare gives you 3 weeks makes it a guarantee you’ll get them if you play at least once a week especially since they lowered the amount of doubloons needed for them.

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TDLR the way Rare does these events is the most player-friendly way possible and also provides incentives for people who participate and the ones that don’t. It also helps rare stay competitive with other games especially others that do “limited events” and our much more “Evil”.

PS. If you want to complain about “limited events” go to the R6S or Overwatch sub and complain there 🙂

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