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With most everyone’s attention in The Devil’s Roar, I thought I’d finally try my luck at soloing a Skull Fort.

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 1 1920x1080 1024x576 - With most everyone's attention in The Devil's Roar, I thought I'd finally try my luck at soloing a Skull Fort.

TL;DR: Attempted a fort solo and managed to complete it even though my ship sank and I had to haul the loot back in a rowboat.

I was doing some solo-slooping, checking out the new Cargo missions when I saw a Skull Fort pop up at Keel Haul Fort. Since that's as far away as you can get from The Devil's Roar, and with no other ships in sight, I took the opportunity to attempt my first solo fort run.

I parked my sloop to the North-West, behind the rocks there and made my way in with my rowboat. I managed the first few waves with a little bit of luck (hardly any skellies with guns) and forcing them to come at me up the ramps in the tower so I could hack away at them in groups. Unfortunately, around wave 5 a few got around behind me and I got pinned in between and made a trip to the Ferry of the Damned.

Once I returned I had a choice to make. Do I sail in with my sloop and risk the cannon fire? Or do I fire myself out of the port cannon and swim the rest of the way? I opted for the latter, and made a second trip to the Ferry via the Shark Express about three-quarters of the way there.

Third time's a charm, right? I mustered my resolve, raised the anchor on my sloop and angled the sails for full speed. I knew there was a place I could drop anchor between the towers where I would be safe from cannon fire. It was just a matter of getting there.

I made my way in as the fort erupted with a volley of cannonballs. Most fell short but a few managed to find their mark. I ignored them, knowing that even with max holes I could still bail and save my ship once I arrived. Another volley and more hits. I pressed onward nearing my destination quickly. I made one last course adjustment and made ready to drop the anchor.


Suddenly, I found myself in the ocean. A final cannonball had struck the hell and knocked me off of my ship. I watched as it continued past my intended anchor point and beached on the shore of the fort. A chance to save her! I swam as fast as I could but as I came abreast of my ship I heard that dreaded tone that signals the doom of a ship. I could only watch as my ship sank beneath the waves and left me with naught but a rowboat to finish of the remaining waves of skellies.

Not ready to give up I dove headlong into the next few waves, fighting Leaf skellies in the tower with my blade and luring the golden skellies into the bay to pick them off at range.

As the sun began to set, I heard the music change. The captain was emerging! And with everything else that had gone awry, fate would have it that the final wave would be of the shadowy sort. Fate was kind enough though, to ensure that they didn't have any ranged weaponry, so in short order I stunned them with my lantern and sent them packing with my sword. Victory was mine at last!

But now came the tricky part. Do I stash the key and go for my ship, risking someone else coming to swipe my loot? Or do I chance the seas with the hoard loaded in my rickety rowboat?

Not wanting to waste any more time I laid out my haul for the obligatory photoshoot
and proceeded to turn it all in for a tidy sum of 13,537 gold.

If you read all this way, I thank you for joining me. If we cross paths on the he waves, may it be as allies. For if ye be foes, I shall give no quarter as none is expected in return.

Fair winds and following seas!

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