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You should be able to rebury your loot to hide it from other pirates

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You should be able to rebury your loot to hide it from other pirates with the right click on the shovel. I think thats a very cool idea. You should also get a map from it so you can give that map out to someone else or use it to remember where you put it!

Adding this shouldnt be hard because its just the opposit thing of digging up a chest. Take that code, make it so it goes down instead of up when you press RMB instead of LMB.

Your chests are secure, for you to later pick up or what ever, you can bury Gunpowder barrels partly so if you were to fight on an island they would be harder to spot if you were to use them against your enemies. I just genuenly think this is such a small effort that if it were to take a week it would be worth it after only 1% of the players of SoT would have gained an advantage with it or had a laugh over it. (remember something like this can be done in a day. Since atleast 50% of the idea can be copied from other parts of the game code. ex; RMB doing something else when holding a specific object.

We can debate if it would be fun if you get a treasure map of your own treasure after you buried it for you to find again later on in the game. And when you should lose it, when killed for example.


Handing over supplies, bannana's or cannonbals etc added not much either. But when you CAN do it, it adds to the game. Not many use this mechanic, but it could be handy when you're out somewhere and your friend is able to give you one or two banana's becuase you're low on health and nowhere near banana's. Same thing with this burying treasure idea. Not everyone is gonna use it, but it will be handy if you want to play the game safe and dig up al your voyages, put the treasure on each island together to hide it under the sand so no treasure will be on your ship until you decide to go get it all and take it to an outpost.

Also people could give out the treasure map when they dont want to go get it anymore or are only doing athena voyages only trying to get the chests. They can bury the loot and give over the treasure map to someone who isnt a pirate legend yet.

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