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You’ve probably betrayed an alliance, but have you ever rescued one?

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My crew and I were sailing upon the tail end of our Athena voyage with only one Order of Souls voyage on Marauders Arch before learning the location of the Chest of Legends. After leaving Sunken Grove and sailing North we noticed a huge battle in the area East of our destination between two skeleton ships, a galleon, and a sloop. We chose to ignore them in favor of completing our voyage, however the prospect of getting a cut of their loot was too sweet to resist. So I hung out on the Ferry of the Damned to offer their alliance a deal; We'd join up with them and get a cut of their profits and they would get a cut of our profits from our Athena voyage. I felt like it was a fair deal for both parties but when an alliance pirate finally showed up she anxiously informed me that they were out of cannon balls and were in desperate need of assistance before rushing back to her boat. I informed my crew that we should sail out and help them.

Upon arriving we realized the sloop had already sunk and they were fighting off the final boat with the Captain aboard. We fired upon the boat and detonated a keg as well, but it was almost already submerged when we arrived. We felt like we hadn't really contributed at all until we looked around and didn't see the alliance galleon anywhere. They had sunk! We heard shouts through the horns of their crew nearby as they were stranded in the water with loads of treasure and sharks but no boat to return to. Now I know what most of you scallywags are thinking, "What a perfect opportunity to claim all this loot for ourselves!", and it was! However there is still some honor among thieves and we all agreed to rescue, rather than rob them.


After privately instructing a couple members of my crew to keep a close eyes on these castaways (we might be friendly, but we're not stupid) we retrieved the spoils of the battle from the water and made way to the nearest outpost to meet up with their alliance for a proper invitation. We left the splitting of the loot entirely up to the other crew as we felt our contribution to the battle was meager. Despite this they chose to honor us for saving them by giving us a third of the loot! After collecting our coin we said our farewells but we kept our pendents flying high so that we might continue to share in our successes across the sea. By the end of the day our fleet was four crews strong and we had amassed a small fortune through working together. It was a fantastic voyage and a tale I won't soon forget!

I'd like to add that every crew had Legends aboard and yet we all worked together nicely despite the poor reputation we've garnered among our peers. In fact, the only pirate to act dishonorably was some Seadog who decided to dance in circles for several hours while the rest of us toiled away upon the seas. Unfortunately they still got paid, but it just goes to show that titles mean nothing, it's the individuals actions that determine their worth.

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