2020 GSL Code S Power Ranking S1 [Ro24]

starcraft 5 - 2020 GSL Code S Power Ranking S1 [Ro24]

It's been a while, so how about a post that's sure to get your blood circulating a little faster and/or boiling ahead of the long awaited Code S kickoff.

Albeit slightly different, GSL is coming back all the same and we already know all the players who've qualified, what's left is the "small matter" of drawing the Groups. In that regard, I'm sure by now if you've followed anything I do you'll know how much I care about proper seeding, which is addmittedly a lost cause – so instead of rambling on about it as usual while the deaf pretend they're listening, I decided why not have some fun instead?

Here you can find a "power ranking" I've made, largely based on the players' past accomplishments with a nice dose of IEM Katowice and the recent Super Tournament to supplement that.

The main takeaways / potentially controversial points on my list in no particular order:

  • Rogue is the only one put in the same tier as Maru and Dark, since I don't consider a bad weekend – GSL ST – or a great weekend i.e. IEM Katowice to be that much of a factor when determining how someone is going to do in Code S (though it is relevant to mention he did beat Dark, Maru and Zest to win a trophy as recently as this year).

  • There are only 8 players overall in my top two Tiers, since I wanted to make sure there's a separation between good players and people with genuine Ro8+ potential.

  • TY snuck into my A tier because I'm a sucker for pain. I understand he objectively doesn't deserve to be there, he's just too good to keep flopping.

  • B, C, D tiers to me are almost interchangeable (C/D more so) and in that regard take the order or placement with a bag of salt and ramen. To be blunt, it almost doesn't feel like it's worth the energy to spend too long on people virtually bound to bite the dust in the Ro16, although I'm hoping for the best when it comes to certain players coming back from the dead and/or the ones going against the odds to give it one last go.

I'll be completely honest online results have always been next to meaningless for me, however with the recent situation I've decided to give them a nod when it comes to certain players regardless (even if it's with a reluctant grain of salt).


Most importantly – if you'd like to make your own list, feel free to use the template I made, it's always been my stance that even if you disagree with someone else's rankings you should then spend the time to decide your own based on the criteria you value – and then adjust accordingly and/or observe the draws/seeding with that in mind.

My goal here isn't even necessarily to have a discussion ahead of this tournament, it's just to set up the context of what we think and how we feel heading into this first Code S of the year & here's hoping considering we have two fewer Groups than usual that the people deciding who goes where do so responsibly.


Maru, Dark, Trap and Solar aren't part of the new "Ro32"/Ro24 for this Season, I put them in the list regardless since it felt stupid not to.

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