A Custom Expansion For Brood War

starcraft 6 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War

In the year 2001, a custom expansion for Brood War was released. This expansion added two new animated cinematics for a total of 8 minutes of cinematic time, new characters, new soundtracks, a campaign for each of the three races along with a secret mission, a new unit for each race, and brought back some obscure characters that Blizzard didn't mention in the main story. It picks up where the events of Brood War end. That expansion is called HunCraft: Genocide, and was made by a group of fans who absolutely loved StarCraft and Brood War. I, who am currently playing through the game, can say that the campaigns are sure to offer a challenge for the player and comic relief at times.

Except, there's a tiny problem: The whole thing is in Hungarian.

Well, not anymore. You see, I have actually downloaded the expansion in its entirety, downloaded some modding tools, and manually changed EVERYTHING that could be changed in the expansion, translating it completely from Hungarian to English. And now, I wish to share this expansion with others. In this thread on the TeamLiquid forum, you will find instructions on downloading and installing the game, as well as me exploring the origin story of Huncraft, its creators, and why nobody outside Hungary has heard of it:
544916 huncraft genocide - A Custom Expansion For Brood War Make sure to read the installation instructions to the letter. Now, Huncraft: Genocide needs Brood War version 1.16.1 to run properly*. You can use a program called Starcraft Classic Installer to change your version of Starcraft to the correct version. It can be found here:
17625 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War . I recommend installing a second instance of Starcraft.

*Note: You can also use Huncraft with version 1.09 of Brood War if you want to be able to play the multiplayer. No guarantees that it will work though.

If, however, you lack a StarCraft: Brood War installation disk, then follow these instructions that have been composed by a friend of mine who also had this problem but figured out a solution: . Yes, it requires you to have the installation files found on the disk, but those can be downloaded from the Internet.

Here are some screenshots from the translated expansion:

Zerg mission 5: Space Invaders featuring a custom portrait and a new character

f8f78g1al6q21 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War

Campaign Selection

qsn41a6el6q21 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War

Le menu

cir7m95hl6q21 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War

Zerg Mission Selection

1b70g7kll6q21 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War

The new Terran unit being demonstrated.

0lya6xzul6q21 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War

Protoss Mission 1: Meet the crew

5qqun1zzl6q21 - A Custom Expansion For Brood War

Splash screen for Protoss Mission 7: "Playing God"

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