A modest XvZ Balance proposal: Make banes cost .5 supply

starcraft 9 - A modest XvZ Balance proposal: Make banes cost .5 supply

As a Zerg, it's been hard to admit, but now very clear that Zerg has had an advantage at the highest level for almost two years now. I don't think that the advantage is massive, or present in all stages of the game, and it's always very contentious to pinpoint exactly what the issues are, but I believe that the mid-late game stage, where baneling comps dominate, is where the problem lies.

The issue is this: once zerg gets up to a 70+ drone economy, Terrans and Protoss must either go all-in on mid tier armies, or attempt to transition to the late-late game in order to have a chance. Transitioning, however, is incredibly difficult, especially for Terran, as zerg can send endless waves of banelings to inefficiently trade for economy + army. There's a reason this does not happen with endless roach or hydra/ling waves:

  1. banelings are the most supply efficient unit in the game. They cost 100/50 per supply, compared to 50 for zerglings, marines, and zealots. in the late mid game, this allows zergs to use all the resources they have mined out to create the most expensive low tech armies available.
  2. Banelings require less micro in large numbers: mass banelings certainly require good positioning to use, but because they do melee aoe damage, greater baneling amounts require less micro because front line banelings can act as tanks for backline banelings.
  3. Banelings counter all ground units in large numbers: Large armies clump, and as Nestea showed us 7 years ago and Serral shows us nearly every game, even units intended to counter banes, such as archons, marauders, and thors, can be traded against efficiently (enough) if you have SO many banelings that you can kill, rather than damage, clumps of these high-hp units.


Combined, these factors create a situation where Zerg can leverage their high economy into an unbeatable ground army Without taking the risk of teching up. The solution I propose to solve this is simple:

Bane Morphs should cost .5 supply. Banelings will cost a total of 1 supply. The effects of this would be as follows:

  1. Tiny effective cost increase due to OV costs in early and mid game
  2. Banelings will now be in line both with other zerg morph supply costs (broods cost 2, ravagers cost 1), and with most other tier 2 supply efficiency costs (75 per supply)
  3. Zergs will either have smaller late game bane armies, or make armies less baneling heavily.

  1. is the most important one here, as I think it will encourage zergs to tech up more, encourage army diversity, and allow other races to transition more cleanly to the late game.

The nerf here is really just a nerf to Army cost at max for mid-late game zerg, and a small one at that, but I think that it would really help the exact worst part of v2 without too many unintended consequences. What do y'all think?

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