A post about TB because I don’t know where else to put this

starcraft 5 - A post about TB because I don't know where else to put this

I met John Bain, of course known by almost everybody here as TotalBiscuit, in 2011 when he came to Finland to cast a Starcraft tournament. I was 15 at the time, and was very excited to be able to meet one of my personal heroes in a country that I never really presumed to attract somebody like him. (At the time I wasn't as aware of Finland's presence in the esports scene)

Excited as I was, me at the time being a video game obsessed autistic kid, I drew a picture for him. It was the Cynical Brit troll with the tophat and everything. I was a fairly good artist, and I was proud of it, so I went to the event that held the tournament and waited to see him. The event itself was already exciting, it's called Assembly and it's like this massive LAN party for hundreds and hundreds of people.

I was not a socially skilled person, but I was determined to meet John because he was one of the people who really felt like a cornerstone to how and why I enjoyed gaming as a hobby so much. I braved through the anxiety and when there was downtime and he didn't look very busy, I went up to him and handed the drawing to him personally. He looked surprised, like nobody'd ever done something like that before almost, and told me it was a wonderful drawing and he'd put it up in his office. I thanked him and left since he had to go back to casting shortly.


A day later, as this event lasted for several days, I noticed him hanging out with some of the players but I felt brave and went up to ask him how he was feeling and how he'd found Finland. If I remember correctly he said the country is very beautiful, and the event was going well so far. He shook my hand and I asked him if he was really going to put my drawing in his office, and he said yes. I don't know why I asked it since he'd already said he'd do it, but I guess I was just dumbfounded by the idea of somebody I admire liking something I did. I said goodbye and he said goodbye back.

I always hoped I'd be able to see him again. He's affected a lot of peoples' lives, but this small interaction gave an autistic kid a jumpstart in courage and since then, I've learned how to actually function as a person socially. Most people don't even believe me when I tell them these days, even though back in 2011 I was obviously very strange to anybody even in passing. I can thank the admiration I had for him and the courage I built up and the affirmation he gave me for that, and that only happened because he was a kind and strong soul.

Rest in peace. I wish I would've contacted you when you were still alive.

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