All Beastyqt’s balance suggestions collected for discussion

starcraft 6 - All Beastyqt's balance suggestions collected for discussion

Since there seems to have been a lot of interest in discussing the ideas proposed by /u/BeastyqtSC2 and some wishes that they all be collated, I've gone ahead and done just that. A disclaimer first, courtesy of the man himself: None of the numbers proposed are final.

And another disclaimer, courtesy of me: Please watch the videos for full context and full explanations of Beasty's reasoning for each change.

With all that said, Beasty's suggestions, with the relevant videos linked:

-Supply depot build time same as pylons and overlords

-Bunker build time up +5 sec to make up for strenghtened proxy rax

-Orbital command upgrade made free, transform +5-15 sec, no SCV production during

-Mule income 225 nerfed tp 215 minerals during duration

-Remove planetary fortress

-Add upgrade to engineering bay, cost 150/150, that adds autoturret with photon cannon/spine crawler dps on bunkers

-Ghosts given ability to enter bunkers, stim ability for units in bunker once autoturret researched.

-Add 200/200 upgrade in fusion core that allows tech lab unit production with reactor to help remaxing and tech switching in late game

-Swap the current medevac upgrade for one that is also on fusion core, takes 100 sec to research and allows medevacs to heal two units at the same time. Energy use per heal unchanged. Idea to help bio deal with AoE.

-Raven seeker missile reintroduced, making 100 dmg over 10 sec. Does not stack, only one seeker missile effect can be on at a time. 3 sec lock-on, does nothing if target goes out of range. Cost 125 energy. Hits air and ground units.

-Interference matrix removed, defense matrix added. Defense Matrix gives health buff for 15 sec. Casted on one unit at a time. Costs 200 energy.

-Raven autoturret placement range +1.

-Reduce Nuke cost to 50/50 (now 100/100), 30 sec extra to research.

-Stim research +30 seconds.


-Assimilator health reduced to 500 (now 600)

-Shield battery removed. Mothership Core brought back at 100/100 cost, 200 max energy. Photon Overcharge ability lasting 14-20 sec, -25% dps nerf compared to old. Cost 50 energy. Battery Overcharge ability. Adds energy to pylons for 30 sec, makes them shield batteries. Cost 50 energy. Overcharges usable only on pylons next to nexi or finished gateways. Ability to transfer energy until ability canceled or Mothership Core energy runs out.


-Last charge change reverted but charge damage +2 without weapons upgrades, +4 with +1, +6 with +2 and +8 with +3.

-Revert the Prism cost change but add +1 sec to warp-in time using Prism.

-Remove Void Ray Prismatic Alignment ability, add ability charge up, adding damage with attack length.


-Nerf queen range by -1 to allow more harass

-Only 2 extra larvae from stacked inject (still 3 for timely inject) to make inject take more skill

-Limit larva to 15 per hatch (now 19) to limit army remax

-Remove Viper ability to abduct massive units to promote late game from T and especially P

-Add +1 range to blinding cloud and abduct to make up for the above nerf

-No more pervert pillars at natural, instead at third

-Cost for ovie speed to 50/50 to make up

-Inactive creep tumors -50% vision range

-Broodlord movement speed up to 2.1 (now 2)

-Remove ultra speed upgrade

-Remove armored tag to make immortals and lurkers less effective vs. ulras

-Ultra armor -1 to make marines, lings, zelots better against ultras

-Ultra health +100 for more longevity

-Infestor microbial shroud changed to reduce ranged AoE damage by -50% to protect from tank , hellion and widow mine splash, psi storm, disruptors and lurkers

-Add evolution ability to swarmhost: 1 minute cooldown ability for swarmhost to transition from one form to another in 30 sec

-Basic form fires ground locusts (can't fly and are light) with 5 ranged dps -50%, lifespan 30 sec. SH a main army support unit

-Other form has flying locusts that are armored and have 70 health. Melee units. Damage -50%. duration 30 sec. Siege breakers and building killers. Idea to allow counterplay against the varying forms and decrease RNG.


That is all. Happy discussing/fighting!

Edit: Fixed erroneous note that stim would not be possible in bunkers. Ability to stim in bunkers would be instead removed with autoturret upgrade.

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