All the mistakes by Macsed in game two vs Seventy

starcraft 5 - All the mistakes by Macsed in game two vs Seventy

1.He doesn't send probe out after pylon. Anyone who has ever cannonrushed knows you need to send probe after pylon to get to opponent base in time.

2.He missplaces his first cannonrush pylon so it doesn't form a wall with the minerals.

3.He apparently doesn't realize there isn't anything weird in his opponent having a single pylon and a gate at his base at 1:30. For reference his opponent should have both gasses already taken as well as 2nd gate and a cybercore on the way. Maybe you can say that his opponent was dia so you can't expect perfect play but that his opponent would be 45 seconds late at 1:30 into the game?

4.He immediately goes to show his first probe despite there being no cannonrush scout from opponent and no wall on the ramp. After making the first pylon he also goes to show the 2nd probe. It's as if he is shouting to his opponent to please come pull probes and use his bad building placement to defend the rush. But his opponent isn't buying it.

5.He doesn't cancel a cannon at 2:20 despite watching there (he is moving his probes).

6.At 2:25 he selects both probes, attacks the zealot with them, sees the zealot stops to fight them and goes back to his base to build a gateway and loses both cannonrush probes.

7.Immediately after that he sees a zealot coming to his base and fully walls off with a cannon. Cannon is not the building you use for walling off and he still has 165 minerals banked so he can afford more buildings if he wants to.

8.Doesn't cancel the cannon in the wall, despite looking there as seen from moving his probe around right next to it.

9.At 2:40 starts another pylon next to his mineral line. There are zealots coming to his base and he has 20/39 supply. He doesn't try rewalling, he doesn't try making a cannon, he makes a pylon. That doesn't help him in any way.

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10.At 2:45 he goes to surround the first zealot. He simply amoves the probes and doesn't micro. In this kind of fight you aren't supposed to lose any probes since you can pull them away when taking the 2nd hit. Macsed isn't even trying to micro here, instead he loses 5 probes to a single zealot. Failing the micro and clicking too late or missclicking could still happen but he isn't even selecting individual probes and trying to save them.

11.At 2:50 he goes to fully wall off, again with a cannon. We all know cannons aren't used for walling. And if you somehow believe macsed doesn't know this, just 30 seconds ago he saw a single zealot to kill a cannon. And he tries it again? Cannon gets immediately attacked by a zealot and killed. This is the 3rd cannon he has failed to cancel this game, despite always looking at them.

12.2 more zealots get to his mineral line. Macsed does initially get an okay surround (though some of his probe aren't fighting). He tries some move commanding but it doesn't really improve the situation. When both zealots are on red health he just moves the probes away and let's the zealots live.

13.He goes to wall off with a cannon for the 3rd time. This time he learned about cancelling buildings.

I want to say that some of these points are a lot more severe than others. Points 1-6 I could see happening due to complete inexperience with cannonrushing/not taking the game seriously. Together they are suspicious but they could happen otherwise too.

Points 7-13 I can't come with any excuses for. Even individually they are super weird moves. How could you make 8 super weird moves in a row, including ones that were just proven to be really bad?

I know on twitter Rotti has been very vocal about not guilty until proven innocent and I absolutely agree with that, that is the only way we can work. But at the same time this is the most suspicious professional game I have ever seem and I have seen a few.

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Here is the vod if anyone hasn't seen it, apparently it follows Macsed camera:

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