An objective way to measure balance below pro level?

starcraft 3 - An objective way to measure balance below pro level?

So some of the studies I've seen trying to determine how balanced this game is for different ranks just look at the winrates in each matchup at any given MMR bracket, and if they're close enough to 50/50 then they conclude that the game is fairly balanced at that MMR.

However, something which I think a lot of these studies can't account for, is the difference in practice and learning time invested by players to obtain a given MMR with a given race.

I believe that true balance would mean that on average if you get a Terran, a Zerg, and a Protoss who have played an equal amount of hours of in-game time on each matchup, they would have very close games between each other. With these "equal MMR" studies, we have no way to account for the possibility that players of a certain race are "playing from behind" in certain matchups, and had to put in more effort to reach the MMR they are at.


If you frame balance in this way, the balance is different in different MMR brackets, as polls such as this one show. As for pro gamers, it's harder to find an "average" because there's so few of them. Would comparing the average amount of time invested into SC2 by pro Terrans, Zergs, and Protosses be useful? I figure the results would just be all over the place because talent, mindset, mindgames, and meta-exploiting strategy come into play a lot more in pro games.

It would be interesting to have access to data that shows how much time was invested on average by people into their main race, and how much MMR they got out of that time investment, then comparing the average between races.

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