Another poorly informed opinion how Blizzard could greatly improve the ladder experience and the Starcraft community.

starcraft 9 - Another poorly informed opinion how Blizzard could greatly improve the ladder experience and the Starcraft community.

The problem: I love watching and playing this game, but I wish all balance conversation could be excised from the community forever and left to data analysts and professionals. I know that will never happen, but I think there's something Blizzard could do to improve this conversation dramatically and make laddering more fun and rewarding. I say they "could" do it, but I don't know shit about how difficult it would actually be to implement. If a countdown timer takes this long, I imagine this is a pipe dream, but maybe the suggestion will provoke a conversation that could lead to similar ideas that are more realistic.

The idea: A player should have a different hidden MMR for each matchup, and these should be averaged for their displayed "SR" and league ranking.

How would that work?: When a player is in the queue, it finds the best fit based on three MMRs, one for each match-up. So, if a Zerg player joins the queue, their fit for other zerg players is measured by their mutual ZvZ ratings, but their fit vs a Protoss player is gauged by comparing the zerg player's ZvP rating to the Protoss player's PvZ rating.

Why is that better?:

  1. Let's say a Protoss player struggles in PvZ. As they start achieving a higher win rate in the other matchups, their MMR increases to the point where they are consistently playing against Zerg opponents who are slightly too good for them and Protoss and Terran opponent's who are slightly too bad for them, reinforcing their perception that the matchup is bad and making it harder for them to improve.


2) This would keep players win rate in each match-up around 50%, removing a major source of animosity and frustration.

3) Starcraft skill generalizes poorly across match-ups, especially in the middle leagues. This system might dramatically increase the quality of the matches in those leagues and make for more close games and better learning experiences.

Potential Problems:

  1. What about random players? Two possibilities.

– Each player has a separate MMR vs Random.

– The system chooses the random player's race first thing when they enter the queue and places them in a match based on that.

2) It would make queues take longer

I didn't do the research

3) This has been suggested before

Sorry. I didn't do the research.

4) Blizzard will never get around to doing this / it's impossible to do this

That sucks, but I still think that thinking about the match-up more separately would make the game better overall, even at the tournament level. I'd watch the hell out of a tournament where the best PvZ player played the best ZvP player, and so on through all 6 match-ups.

tldr: Ladder based on match-up specific MMR. SR based on the average of all match-up MMRs.

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