Are Protoss OP, or is that just part of the meme?

starcraft 7 - Are Protoss OP, or is that just part of the meme?

I've been playing SC1 since about two years after Broodwar came out (my dad showed it to me before I even learned how to toddle), Wings of Liberty on the day it came out and its expansions on and off since their release periods, I've beaten every single campaign in SC1 and Brood War (even the dreaded Zerg 8 that's somehow harder than both final levels combined), I've even beaten all 3 SC2 campaigns on Brutal, maxed out every commander, gotten most of the achievements in the game and I still don't know which race is objectively the best.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that all three races are just designed to troll each other in such very specific ways with their toolkits, and just like how you wouldn't choose a favorite child, all races have the potential to completely rekt any given one of the others, even in a mirror matchup.

StarCraft breeds tricky players, and I think that's due to the fact that races have so many builds and spellcasters that every match is unique simply because you can just expand a few seconds later than usual to change your gameplay up and see if it pays off.

That being said, and now that I've given you my life story, I've always found Protoss to be the trickiest race to play in both SC1 and SC2. With Terran or Zerg, you just figure out how much air and ground you want to use and get your production structures/larva going, but with Protoss you have sentries, you have high templar, you have dark templar, the whole toolkit is very wacky and all over the damn place.


The first time I played Legacy of the Void (the actual campaign, not the prologue or epilogue or whatever) I was extremely high and playing it on someone else's computer with graphics that blew my mind. Seeing the Protoss deathball pave through the 'feral' Zerg instantly made me love the aesthetic of the Protoss' existing units.

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That made me try Protoss more, and I realized that all their shit is just expensive, and if you can keep enough bases saturated, you can replace your death ball as pieces of it fall apart like some kind of Ship of Theseus.

You send an army of carriers at the enemy base, but they get wiped so with all of your resources you just warp in a balanced army of ground units to go mop up whatever the carriers couldn't handle.

It takes a lot of resources to do this, by the way, which probably means Protoss get the most use out of their supply. Sure, Zerg can replenish quicker due to just using larva and Terrans structure their structures strategically side-by-side with the build they've certainly selected (and have liberators), but Protoss can warp in gateway units anywhere and chronoboost, which is literally "saving time".

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