Artosis Blog Post: Why Legacy of the Void is so good

starcraft 10 - Artosis Blog Post: Why Legacy of the Void is so good

“There’s always been an argument about StarCraft 1 and StarCraft 2. Which is better? Which is more fun? Which was better balanced? Which is a better eSport. I’ve written and said a lot in the past about these subjects, so I won’t go into much depth about them here. But I needed to bring this up to show why Legacy of the Void is so damn good.

StarCraft 1 is a game of mechanics. You fight against the game itself to make as many units as you possibly can, while microing as well as you can with very limiting control groups. The comeback mechanic is based in how hard it is to do everything that needs doing. If you get behind in a Terran vs Protoss, for instance, and the Protoss has 5 bases, while you are stuck on 3, you might decide that to come back you need a Dropship. Yes, Protoss has way more bases and is in a leading position, but that means that his economy is more spread out, and thus more susceptible to harassment. By sending out a Dropship in one direction, and Vultures in another, you can start to pick apart the leading player. Some nice laying of mines in front of a far – off base to slow down incoming defensive units will buy you some time to kill Probes. Meanwhile the Dropship will hit another area far away, splitting Protoss’s attention.

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm are games of strategy. NesTea was the first person I heard verbalize this. In essence, he said, that SC2 was about decision making. He was absolutely right. It’s very much about knowing your decision trees. The player who understands more should win based off of knowing what to do next. In WoL and HotS, the comeback mechanics were based off of understanding the next branch of what to do. Here’s an example:

You are Zerg. You got way ahead with the army-crushing unit composition of Infestor / Ling / Ultra.

If you choose to attack and kill your opponent, go to option A). If you choose to sit back and wait for your opponent to leave, go to option B).


A) Your Ultras get their AI messed with due to smart building placements and deal no damage for their cost. Your lings shuffle in to attack almost single file. Your Infestors throw out useless Infested Terrans because they do not keep up with your army for an attack, and then die. Your opponent now can come back.

B) Your opponent continues to try to harass you around the map. You easily clean up each attack with Fungals, Lings, and a bit of static defense. Eventually your opponent leaves his safe area, and you get a decent engagement with your expensive Ling / Ultra / Infestor army. He shouldn’t have come onto your Creep. GG you win!

Yeah, its a bit over simplified, but there are thousands of examples just like these on how comebacks actually occur. (and yes there are exceptions to both games and all these situations.)

Now this, of course, doesn’t mean that SC1 is a better game than SC2 or anything like that. This is one small aspect of the game. According to this one aspect, SC1 was, in general terms, very taxing on your speed. This was partially due to the fact that you were very spread out, and thus your opponent had more places to attack. SC2 was more about making correct decisions with the correct units to lock your opponent out of any possibility of winning. I think that most of the arguments from people that SC1 was/is a better game than SC2 were based, in some way, over this difference in the two. As someone who personally has been there for the full life of both games, I can certainly say that I derived a lot of pleasure from that "overstretched” feeling while playing SC1.

Legacy of the Void gives me that feeling again. I feel like there’s too much to do. I feel like there are endless areas for improvement of play. I feel like perfect games are forever away. And it feels amazing.“

I know this is an old blog post, but I think it’s still worth sharing.

Where can I find more writing about Starcraft like this? Artosis seemed to have stop writing in 2017 :/ he should do more

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