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starcraft 9 - BeastyQT Is Right.

For those who have seen his new youtube video in which he discusses the problems with IEM and the state of the game, he is almost completely right. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest looking it up and giving it a watch. The game has become downright boring and all of the strategy has been wiped from the game. I play 5k Zerg and would like to expand on his thoughts with a little less of a biased (or another side of bias? idk, you decide. ) view. Stick with me because I'm probably not going to say what you think I'm going to say.

Zerg is absolutely overpowered for most of the low ranked players. It is simply too easy to scout what your opponent is going to do and react. Queens counter almost every all-in strategy you can think of and most low ranked players are too slow to counter the "D" button. You ask yourself, well what changed? and I say it was the economy in LOTV. In WOL and HOTS you didn't have to kill workers. All you had to do was attack and the Zerg was forced to cut workers and make lots of units to defend. This was just as good as killing workers because the econ was slow enough for every player that they could defend and then mass drones again and be ahead.

BeastQT brought up a good point on how a lot of strategies have been removed from the game as well. If you are going Bio, you are probably doing a 5:00-5:30 push with marines and maybe hellbats while you expand to your third. It is so standard at this point as Zerg, you don't even have to scout outside of seeing the lack of hellions. The same goes for mech, scouting several factories and you know your opponent is going mech and what units they're making and you never have to scout them again. You make roaches and go into Tier 3 and get vipers or whatever counters whatever units Toss/Terran are making.


However, I have to say even though the game is extremely stale and boring, Zerg is not overpowered at a Masters/GM level. Zerg is down right frustrating to play and has become extremely boring. A Masters/GM Terran/Toss is going to be harassing you the entire game. Imagine being poked in the side over and over and over and over. It isn't fun, you cannot push across the map unless you all-in with roach/ravager and your only harassment option early game (Mutas) is absolute trash. So, instead of having a variety of options like in WOL/HOTS you are forced to make Queens, defend easily and go into the late game to win while being attacked left and right. It is just..BORING. There is zero strategy and although it still takes a lot of skill at Masters/GM, the uniqueness of the race has been channeled into a frustrating mess for both players.

There is another thing that BeastQT did not touch on and that is Splash units and hard counters. They've basically single handedly ruined all levels of play in the game. Banelings, High Templar Storm, Vipers Parasitic Bomb, Hellbats, Archons, Ghosts EMP, Lurkers, Disruptors, Widow Mines are all very frustrating units to play against. They're also why a lot of the games boil down to one fight and then the game is over. They remove fun from the game, add a false sense of skill when the micro is easy, cause units to die too quickly, force engagements to be one sided, and all around are bad for strategy.

A game shouldn't end because you looked at your base to create units and all of a sudden half of your army dies to Disruptor shots, Storm, Banelings, Etc. I believe a lot of these units need to be toned down so armies can actually engage each other. I believe a lot of the fun that the game had originally has been removed for "Massive Damage" and false skill ceiling spell caster micro.

Something really needs to be done to the game as IEM showcased everything that was wrong. The tournament had most of the best players in the game and when it was finished I felt like I wasted my time watching it, especially the finals. I Personally would love to see a game that is fun to watch and play again. Not a game where every player is allinning each other because each race has extremely overpowered and has annoying tactics to play against at certain points in the game.

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