Best defensive co-op commander?

starcraft 8 - Best defensive co-op commander?

So, I've been in the business of getting the Devolution Retribution achievement for myself and a few friends on Dead of Night, and the overall strategy was to one player holding down the fort while Zeratul just rushes third artifact and then start spamming devolution shenanigans whenever possible.

Three commanders came up as best defensive options, and I wonder, who is the best overall, not just on Dead of Night, if the objective is to make an "impenetrable" fortress against endless waves?


  • Between turrets, siege tanks, science vessels and free repair SCV's, I guess almost nothing can penetrate Swann's defense.
  • Against mass air, Goliaths and/orThors, maybe Wraiths can prevail. But really tough air waves can put a dent big enough in the defense that rebuilding would slowly sap your resources.
  • Also, as a drawback, both Science Vessels and SCV's can killed while repairing.
  • With Flaming Bettys, Swann has the best options to hold out against swarms of weak enemies, but he has nothing against burst damage aside from Science Vessel's defensive matrix, but that only works on units as far as I know.
  • Plenty of detection, since both missile turrets and science vessels are essential to any good Swann defense.


  • Turret defense is quite powerful, especially if the Monoliths are supported by sieged up Observes providing vision and Energizers providing an extra power field and faster everything. Not to mention optional reclaims. Also, plenty of detection.
  • Shield Batteries maintain shield strength of defensive buildings, while repair beam maintains health. Repair beam also can't be interrupted, however it does have a 5 limit.
  • Swarms of enemies can be handled by Colossi, while Immortals can help bursting down high health enemies to let towers massacre lower health ones.
  • I've found Karax' defense the most expensive, especially in terms of minerals. So if you loose a few units or buildings, you might lack resources to replace them earlier than Swann or Stukov.


  • Infested Bunkers have a nice tanking potential with extra armour, extra regen and infested structure. They also have a nice damage output with the 6 infested troopers within.
  • Infested Siege Tanks can lob their infested "cannonballs" at the enemy at long range, and those free banelings can do a lot. They are also supplied with plenty of ammo from the Infested Bunkers.
  • The only two forms of detection are either Infested Turrets or Overseers, and these don't really add any extra bonus to defense the way Swann's Missile Turret or Science Vessel does.
  • Against heavy air waves, you'd either need the Aleksander, which has a long cooldown, or rely of Infested Liberators.
  • Loosing structures or units could be pricey, but that should happen rarely if the defense is set up quite well.

Of course, it could be that there's other commanders who could whip up even more effective defense. What's your opinions?

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