Blizzard should look into making an Alarak-centric mini-campaign

starcraft 1 - Blizzard should look into making an Alarak-centric mini-campaign

Alarak is someone we'd all love to see get his own set of mission packs (like Nova), but making one would be undoubtedly tricky. And while I've tried the fan-made Wrath of the Tal'darim, it just doesn't have the same magic that LotV or NCO had.

I know Blizzard has said they aren't making new campaigns, but they said that over 2 years ago, so maybe now they could give it a shot.

I have some rough ideas, but please manage your expectations.


After a series of military defeats/disasters, the Tal'darim start to lose faith in Alarak's leadership. Shortly afterward, Alarak is attacked by Terran assassins, who destroy his flagship and leave Alarak temporarily marooned on an uncharted planet. During his absence, another Ascendant takes control of the Tal'darim, declaring Alarak unfit to rule since he was personally defeated by Terrans. However, Alarak's defeat was more-or-less staged; the Ascendant had hired the Terrans to attack Alarak while he was vulnerable, and had Alarak's flagship sabotaged to ensure he would fall. But even if Alarak can prove he was set up, his public image among the Tal'darim is still tarnished, and now he must reclaim his throne through carnage and conquest.



  • Alarak is able to choose from a variety of powers and abilities before each mission. Each selection has its own strengths, but some will add detrimental effects to him in exchange for powerful abilities. For instance, one selection could give Alarak cleaving attacks, but decreases his attack speed, while another could give him more maximum energy while significantly reducing his energy regeneration speed.

  • Alarak initially only starts with early-game Protoss units, since he loses control of the Death Fleet due to the coup. As he progresses, he unlocks more units, as well as various variants. Alarak would not have the same gameplay as his co-op iteration, so no Supplicants.

  • Alarak's missions would not involve saving innocents without an extremely good reason. His missions are all about either conquering a new world, or killing off one or more of his political rivals.

  • At least one mission must involve Alarak fighting against Nova, with Alarak winning the fight and getting revenge for his defeat on Vardona.

  • One mission could involve Alarak encountering Dehaka and "enlisting" the Primal Zerg's aid by bribing them with a rare essence.

This feels like a good starting point. Anything else that should be added?

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