Blizzard’s Balance Patch Sucks, so here’s mine

starcraft 10 - Blizzard's Balance Patch Sucks, so here's mine



  • Sure, make infernal preignitor 100/100. Not sure why this seemed necessary, nobody complained about hellions either way, but sure.

  • Show an attack cooldown on the unit card, like with a sieged tank.


You want responsiveness? Ever considered these obvious fucking changes

  • Reduce the fucking collision size by 10%. They can actually walk out of our sim city now and spend more time walking towards the destination rather than around each other.

  • Reduce the fucking cast point for attacks. My thor doesn't have to stare at a target for 2 seconds before firing a volley. Shoot first, cooldown after.


  • Even after their timer runs out, will last for up to 8 seconds while carrying minerals. There. That wasn't so fucking hard.

  • When targetting a mineral patch, will spawn on a side such that it can path to a Command Center whenever possible.


  • Increase base movement from 3.5 to 4.13. Remove the Rapid Re-ignition upgrade.


  • Sure, fusion core and -1 range.


  • Sure, increase hitpoints. Terran need a little more room for micro errors


  • Base movement speed 4.13


  • Tactical jump works just like recall. 3 seconds of vulnerability, but it cannot be cancelled or interrupted once started.


Ooh boy.


  • Overlords base movement speed .902 -> 3.

  • Pneumatized Carapace upgrade removed


  • Base movement speed 4.13


  • Fuck this unit. Like seriously. This unit has ruined the game since Wings of Liberty. Canceled

(New Unit) Infested Ghost (175/125): can move like burrowed infestor, but cannot cast any abilities burrowed. Has the all the base stats of a Terran Ghost, including attack, hp, move speed and range, but costs 25/25 more

  • Fungal blast (75 energy): same as fungal growth. This ability is okay.

  • Neural Parasite (100 energy, 6 range): Attaches a 40hp parasite to an enemy unit. If the parasite is not killed within 3 seconds, the Zerg gains control of the host unit. The parasite then loses 2 hp per second and releases control when dead. Parasite can be transfused. If the host dies, the Infested Ghost is refunded energy equal to the remaining hitpoints of the parasite.

  • Symbiotic projection (25 energy + .5 energy/damage, channeled + immobilized): Target allied unit. Drains this unit's energy the target unit takes any damage. Dispelled once the unit leaves range of the Ghost.

Lurker/Lurker Den

  • Don't do shit leave everything where its at

Brood Lord

  • Fix OP leash range stuff

Nydus Network

  • Announces "Siesmic activity detected" when a Worm is started.

  • Nydus Worm starts at 50hp, builds up to 300 over 14 seconds like other constructing structures.

  • Worm Cost increased to 100/50.


  • Walks over non-massive ground units (like the colossus).



  • Chrono Boost costs 50 -> 75 energy

  • Nexus starts with 50 -> 100 energy


  • Charge range reduced by 1.

  • Charge upgrade cost increased to 150/150


  • Leave them the fuck alone


  • Enhanced casings (Robotics Support Bay 150/150, 100s) Gives stalkers +1 attack range and +1 blink range (if Blink has been researched)


  • Base speed to 4.13.

  • Remove Gravitic Boosters upgrade


  • Reduce hitpoints by 10, increase shields by 10 (this makes them more vulnerable to EMP, mines, and overall permanent damage is more critical.

Void Ray

  • No longer has Prismatic Alignment ability by default

  • Terrazine Crystal (Fleet Beacon, 150/150, 100s): Unlocks the Prismatic Alignment ability. When activated, reduces Void Ray move speed, but allows it to damage 3 units at once (2 closest enemy units within range besides target)

(makes voids a bit weaker by default, but more useful if invested in)


  • New ability: Rapid Reassembly (85s cooldown) When activated, for 20s interceptor build time reduced from 9s to 3s (quickly repopulates about 6 interceptors). Can be set to autocast, will trigger when below 3 interceptors. When manually cast, will be used by the entire selected group.


  • Remove time warp ability

  • Heart of Auir (Passive): This unit is immune to mind control and crowd control abilities

Context: I am a designer of an asymmetric strategy board game myself, and a long-time player of Blizzard's RTS titles from WarCraft II. Balancing an asymmetric competitive game is fucking hard. Yet, I have historically found Blizzard balance very tasteful and creative (right up until the Raven rework). This is the first balance patch I have found straight up outrageous.

Flaws exhibited by the (present) Blizzard balance team:

  • Fear of actually changing any unit interactions. Everything has been scooted this way or that of an upgrade

  • Upgrade-bloat as a design crutch. Instead of implementing any change to the concerns of balance in different matchups and different phases of the game, they just try to close windows where they are overpowered without actually fixing it. This patch suggests +2 zerg upgrades, +3 protoss upgrades which don't add any actually interesting gameplay opportunities

  • An absolute lack of creativity. There is nothing that makes players rethink their strategies, unit compositions, builds or counters. New strategy? Same as the old one.

The game is in a terrible state right now in terms of balance, probably the worst it has been in since Adept/Phoenix broke terran, and absolutely 0 of the proposed changes address this.

What I tried to do above:

  • Undo "upgradecraft": upgrade bloat makes the game more dependent on tech investment than on unit composition, positioning, and reading your opponent, you know, the things that make StarCraft interesting.

  • Reduce the "free unit braek gaem" situation with zerg at least a little bit, by replacing the infestor with a whole new interesting unit with interesting strategies available.

  • Bring core tools of different races more inline (detector move speeds and tech tier)

  • Reducing the aspects of each race that has caused too much difficulty for other races to deal with, without requiring significant skill on the part of the former.

What are your guys' thoughts?

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