Can’t win as late game Zerg now.

starcraft 1 - Can't win as late game Zerg now.

I'm diamond level. Play random. Need help late game now as Zerg. Seems impossible to stop late game Terran and Protoss as a Zerg.

Terran goes mech, into battle cruisers. If I can't kill him before BCs the game is lost.

Protoss does any cheesy ass build they have until they get to 3-4 bases and go carriers. Templars + Carriers and Air is impossible to beat. On top of that ridiculous army. Then they do mass cannons around their bases and air. Going into mass cannons with shield batteries is so not cost effective and kills everything so can't even counter their lack of mobility. Want to attack a base that has cannons and shields with lings or even roaches? LOL RIGHT! But you can build 10 spines at your base and a single warp in of zealots kills your base(not to mention DTs)… smh Oh and the countless spores you need to defend the base too in case a couple air units want to attack it. Can't divide your army or you're even more dead as zerg.

Basically I am stuck baneling busting or a roach all-in against protoss and terran or the game drags out and lose late game.

Vipers don't do shit but tickle with their bomb that takes a minute to even get the full effect of aoe and easy to pull unit out (unlike storm). BC yamato and teleport completely shuts down vipers. Templars feedback.

Corruptors are a joke and stack. Templars and archons damage them too much. Window mines and thor are just as bad. Raven makes them as strong as a zergling… Can't attack ground units so if you max on them, you can kill 1-2 building and are done and then you wait while you die. Can't attack ground units. Needs so many to kill air.

Hydras are a joke against both now. I can't even kill interceptors before they rebuild them. And targeting a carrier with hydras isn't possible if any ground units. And usually storm.

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Infestor, wtf is that shit unit? Worthless and dies in 1 sec. Fungal growth has no purpose. And the unit control thing has no range and infestor dies. Infested terrans are too slow. How does protoss have a unit (templar) that costs 50-150 that does AOE damage that basically weakens and kills an entire army. But fungal growth was deemed "op" and needed nerfed? Or their disruptors which 1 shot a bunch of ground units.. Idk, I don't get it…

What other unit does Zerg have?? How do I beat sky toss and terran air without a 2 or 3 base all-in every single time?

The game was so close to even before this last update… They literally just had to fix sky toss being way too OP against zerg and it would have been an even game. Now it's impossible to beat late game mech/air terran too.

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