Clem vs. Showtime, Terran lessons to be learned. How did Clem play so well?

starcraft 3 - Clem vs. Showtime, Terran lessons to be learned. How did Clem play so well?

Clem and Showtime put together one great series. Yet, beyond just being an entertaining series, this match contains a lot of information on how to play vs. Protoss in the current meta.

Today, from a Terran perspective. I wish to talk about Clem's performance. How did Clem play so well? Let's look at some of the positive things Clem was doing.


  1. Divide and Conquer Today Clem demonstrated textbook Bio play against Showtime. This is how you handle your Bio armies. First, note the word armies. Clem had numerous bio balls all over the map. This subscribes to the theory that in smaller numbers, Terran Bio is better. Yes, Clem's micro was excellent today. He had great spreads, quick storm jukes, and accurate EMPs. Yet, the way he constantly divided his forces to meet different challenges was most impressive.

For example, while in the heat of battle, Clem would just loade up three medivacs and streak towards Showtime's base, despite the fact that Showtime was pushing hard towards Clem's base. Clem some left the perfect amount to slow the push while buying time to force a recall.

Clem was patient when defending on multiple fronts; delaying a push at his third while handing a prism in his base. He didn't force fights and constantly used his buildings to funnel forces.

Even when there was no action Clem was very active with his bio balls. They were all over the map constantly probing for weaknesses or incoming threats.

When Clem had the initiative he attacked on multiple fronts. Trying to split the Protoss defenses. Clem only grouped his army together when it was absolutely necessary, otherwise he was always splitting.

Please, study these games to truly learn how to move your Bio Balls, well done Clem. 2. Economic Damage is preferred to compensate the later third-

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The games in which Clem won, he was able to obtain some early economic damage. In the current high-level meta, Protoss is consistently dropping their third before the Terran. Their economic advantage can be decisive if the Terran doesn't somehow find compensation. That's not to say that you MUST find early economic damage, however, it does level the playing field and allows the Terran to find momentum. Fortunately, for us Terran users, we do have a wide-variety of units to work with, which highlights a crucial lesson, *Terrans should learn multiple forms of harass.

Clem pulled out every trick in the book. He didn't invent these builds but he made sure to go deep into his playbook. Hellions, Banshees, Mine Drops, and Liberators, and drops. Some worked better than others but is was key to his play in the early game.

  1. EMPs can make up for an upgrade deficit. One of the most impressive feats was watching Clem hold on down in supply and upgrades in game 2 (I think it was 2, sorry). Despite being down in supply, economy, and upgrades. Clem was able to battle Showtime effectively for 10 minutes. I have to attribute his success to his aggressive use of EMPs. (Though future study might yield different answers)

Clem didn't just EMP Templars, in fact, most of his EMPs landed on zealots and stalkers. Yet, this allowed him to burn through the meat of the Protoss army. Everything was about reducing numbers and trading effectively.

Of course, Showtime would go on to win but it every victory was hard earned. This might suggest that Terrans are being too liberal with their EMPs and we need to commit to higher ghosts numbers.

These games require further study, but color me impressed with Clem, even in his defeat. I don't mean to take the light away from Showtime who won, but this style of play was vry instructive. Please, take the time to review this match up to see some amazing Terran technique.

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