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starcraft 6 - Co-op Commander Preview

Good afternoon everyone!

I'm excited to present you with a preview of the upcoming co-op commander release. Hope you enjoy!


After lots of alcohol, bad decisions, and autoerotic asphyxiation following a StarCraft tournament, some of your favorite StarCraft II personalities have found themselves in a pickle, as occasionally happens.

Scattered across the StarCraft universe, the talent originally had some difficulty adjusting, but their passion and outside knowledge proved invaluable, and they acquired skills and technology that would help them. Now reunited, they are a force to be reckoned with.


Wherever Nathanias travels, chaos has followed. After drinking far too much with the wrong crowd at a high stakes card game, he was somehow found himself the owner of a Battlecruiser and has become the sector's most ignominious space pirate. Despite the beleaguered pleas of his ship's engineer, he has outfitted his Battlecruiser with 47 tactical jump modules at the expense of thrusters, life support systems, and most of the crew quarters. He is continuing to upgrade the weapons and defensive capabilities of his ship, as well as attempting to fit still more tactical jump modules.


Neuro sought the same primordial zerg essence that transformed Kerrigan into the Queen of Blades, however he was only able to acquire the most basic genetic building blocks. Beginning as a relatively unassuming zerg-human hybrid, whenever he falls on the battlefield, he takes time to analyze his mistakes and improves his genetic material before respawning stronger, and with new tactics and capabilities.


RotterdaM befriended several pilots in the Golden Armada, and after earning a test drive, he surprised everyone with his unorthodox but effective piloting skills. Allowed to fly with the fleet, after turning the tide in a difficult battle, he was allowed to salvage a ship from the fallen fleet vessels and loaned a top phase smith to get his own ship running. He was able to modify a Tempest with leftover Phoenix parts, creating a faster long range capital ship with additional short-range firepower and multiple graviton beams. The phase smith was so impressed, he stayed aboard to help with further enhancements.

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iNcontroL had perhaps the rockiest road of the bunch. Barely making ends meet "doing stand-up" at shady dive bars across the sector, he eventually got a lead on a fallen colossus and conned a few subpar engineers and mechanics to work on the thing. After far too long, they got it moving (though it still walks with a limp), but they were unable to repair the lasers, so Geoff installed the next best thing: a high-volume internal moonshine distillery. After several near-fatal bouts with alcohol poisoning, he also mounted a trebuchet on top, capable of launching oversized Molotov co*ktails manufactured in the distillery. When the trebuchet proved inconsistent at targeting close range targets, he used the last of his dwindling credits to order what is believed to be the largest dildo ever commissioned. He then fastened it to a swinging arm, creating a surprisingly effective melee weapon. Rumor has it iNcontrol is still hard at work on a top secret weapon, codename: Project ReDeYe.


ToD took a far more passive role in comparison, but he felt an obligation to help the others. He rescued a damaged Observer, and used terran radar and scanning technology to enhance its power and abilities. Combined with advanced statistics software, he is able to determine the exact supply counts of his allies and enemies. He has also created an enhanced and enlarged supply display for greater visibility, which, when fully upgraded, can take up the entire screen.


Tasteless gained the favor of a faction of Dark Templar, who were able to impart some of their secrets, most notably their cloaking ability. You can hear his jovial, full-throated laugh when he ganks his foes from the shadows. There have also been reports that he has acquired a C-20A sniper rifle and has been seen studying missile guidance.


Artosis joined an obscure sect of High Templar, who trained him to channel his inner Samuel L. Jackson into devastating psionic salt storms, and his astute feedback can buff allies or cripple foes. He also provides power to nearby friendly protoss buildings and can serve as a warp-in point for protoss allies, though the Templar appear baffled by this ability.

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*Tastosis *

When two Templar merge, they form an archon. If two archons could merge into a larger archon, Tastosis is what would happen if four of these larger archons merged into an even more massive archon and chugged an Olympic swimming pool of Hot6. GG Motherfu*kers.

Updates to come, as we're looking into adding a few more to the roster. We'd love to hear your suggestions, so stay tuned for our community feedback page. Thanks!

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