Co-Op Mutation #136: Warp Zone

starcraft 3 - Co-Op Mutation #136: Warp Zone

The Altarian Rift is a chaotic environment which distorts reality. Your forces randomly enter time dilation bubbles and gravitational anomalies. You must activate the locks before the rift becomes even more unstable.

Map: Lock & Load

Temporal Field
Enemy Temporal Fields are periodically deployed throughout the map.
Time Warp
Enemy Time Warps are periodically deployed throughout the map.
Tornadoes move across the map, damaging and knocking back player units in their path.


Video Replays on Brutal:



Other Notes:

  • Temporal Field renders units completely immobile until it dissipates.
  • Twisters randomly roam the map and throw units around, rendering them uncontrollable for a second.
  • Twisters go into the players' expansions.
  • Time Warp slows down player units and structures in a large area until it dissipates.
  • Time Warp and Temporal Field are static, but Twisters are mobile.

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