Co-Op Mutation #141: Temple of Rebirth

starcraft 7 - Co-Op Mutation #141: Temple of Rebirth

The void energies in the Zenith Stones energize the Enemy's forces, and increase their vitality. They get up and resume fighting even when struck with a mortal blow, and damage they deal to your forces emboldens them further. Throw everything you have at them to ensure they stay down.

Map: Temple of the Past

Just Die!
Enemy units are automatically revived upon death.
Life Leech
Enemy units steal life or shields whenever they do damage.
Enemy units gain a temporary shield upon the first time they take damage.


Video Replays on Brutal:


Other Notes:

  • Just Die! revives enemies instantaneously. They respawn with full health.
  • The Void Thrashers also revive upon death.
  • A high damage output is important to make sure life leech won't keep the enemy constantly fed on your units.
  • Barrier gives a 100 health shield to units that don't get killed in 1 hit.

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