Crosspost from r/starcraft2coop: Selendis Coop commander concept(This one is different I promise!)

starcraft 3 - Crosspost from r/starcraft2coop: Selendis Coop commander concept(This one is different I promise!)

Coop commander concept: Fleet executor Selendis

Edit: I’ve made some changes to the numbers at the post in r/starcraft2coop based on feedback(Got too excited with the numbers lol). Will probably update this post too later.

Commander fantasy


Selendis commands her mothership, the Shield of Aiur, to provide support from low orbit. With enough resources, the Shield of Aiur can descend onto the battlefield to dispense some protoss justice.

Skytoss with strategic ground support

While pure skytoss will be a viable and fun play style. Skilled players can incorporate suitable ground armies and different ships to improve combat performance.

Elite units

The golden armada’s best ships and crews provide impressive firepower and utility with their special abilities.

Prolonged combat

The Golden Armada’s persistent assaults are augmented by powerful shields and repair technology.

Protoss logistics

Maintaining the Golden Armada is a massive undertaking, with tons of production, upgrades and researches going on at all times. Fortunately, Selendis has many macro tools to help her out in that regard.

Shield of Aiur

Selendis’s mothership, Shield of Aiur, starts the game as an untargetable shadow over the battlefield(Like Jinara’s mothership in Nova covert ops). She provides passive buffs to friendly units under it and can channel active top bar abilities to aid your army. The active top bar abilities drain energy when channelled, last until cancelled or, if safety protocol is activated, lasts at most 30s.

Nexus ability: safety protocol, toggle to activate/deactivate, caps the mothership’s active channels with a maximum duration of 30s when active.

Shield of Aiur abilities

Passive aura around the mothership

Friendly units in the mothership’s vicinity(17 range) have 15% increased attack speed and 15% increased shield regeneration even during combat, enemies in the area have their damage reduced by 15%.

Grants all friendly units nearby an extra layer of 10 shields which regenerate at a moderate rate(Artanis dragoon after update).

Under the mothership, Selendis’s otherwise normal units become quite durable. Fight under the Shield of Aiur whenever possible.

Move Mothership

The first top bar ability moves the mothership slowly to a target location, does not drain energy. The mothership grants vision(smaller than the passive buff’s range)

Double-clicking will centre your camera at the mothership's location.

Active top bar abilities(drain energy when activated, last until cancelled, until the mothership runs out of energy, or at most 30s if safety protocol is activated. None of them have cooldowns.)

Wormhole(global range)

Places a wormhole at a target location and one at the mothership’s location. The wormhole is a stationary unit that can be selected but not damaged(think an invulnerable nydus canal). Friendly units can right click on either end and will be warped to the other side.

Other mothership active abilities can influence through the wormhole.

Shield surge

Activate to greatly boost the passive shield buff granted by the mothership. The shield amount is increased to 100 and the regeneration rate is enough to prevent any unit from dying unless there’s significant focus fire or one shot spells. Shields last for a short time after a unit leaves the mothership’s vicinity or after shield surge is deactivated.

Affects units near the other end of wormholes and interceptor strikes if they are close enough.

Deploy scout squadron(global range)

Launches a squadron of 8 scouts towards a target location. They will attack any enemies in that area, doing moderate damage to both air and ground. Reactivate to cancel, activate again to redirect the squad to another area. The squad will automatically return when there are no more enemies in that area. Energy is drained as long as anyone of the scouts are outside the mothership.

Scouts can be destroyed. They automatically rebuild for free from the Shield of Aiur. Current scouts count is displayed at the top bar button.

When travelling to a location, scouts will travel the path that takes the least time, taking any wormholes into account.

All three abilities can be channelled together or separately. Wormholes will allow units from the other end to gain the benefits of shield surge and allow scouts to arrive quickly. Shield surge will shield scouts if they are near the mothership or a wormhole entrance. Use these abilities to augment your main army or project your forces across the map.

Summon Shield of Aiur

Fleet beacon unlocks the Shield of Aiur as a unit, which can be summoned at a nexus. It costs 500/500 and a really long production time at the nexus. Once completed, the Shield of Aiur will become a heroic mothership that you can directly control on the battlefield. If destroyed, it returns to low orbit and has to be summoned again. The top bar abilities are slightly changed and still affects the mothership’s vicinity.

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Changes to the top bar

The passive ability now cloaks nearby friendly units as well.

Teleport(cost small amount of energy, no cooldown) replaces the move command

Teleport the Shield of Aiur to a friendly structure or unit.

When wormhole is activated the mothership becomes the clickable wormwhole target.

Shield surge also affects the mothership itself.

Ultimate abilities(from the alpha version of the game!)

In addition, the mothership unit has two cooldown based ultimate abilities.

Planet Cracker

The mothership gains 1000 shields and deals heavy damage to all enemies around it for 20s. Can move while active.


The mothership creates a black hole that sucks in all nearby enemy units. Nearby enemies have their movement and attack speeds continuously slowed until they are sucked in and can no longer move and attack. Units that are sucked in are destroyed. Blackhole lasts until after no enemies are pulled in for 5s.


Selendis has access to standard production structures: gateway/warpgate, robo and stargate and standard units. Her stargate units have special upgrades at the fleet beacon. In addition. Selendis starts with a special structure called a warp conduit. The warp conduit warps in heroic stargate units on a charge/cooldown basis(like Nova’s or Horner’s units). These elite ships have unique cooldown based, manually activated abilities that their normal stargate counterparts cannot use.

Stargate/warp conduit units


Mobile close range air to air fighter. Elite phoenixes are summoned in squads of three. In addition to the standard graviton lift(autocast), they can also use graviton surge.

Graviton surge

Lifts a massive ground unit, caster cannot move while channeling.(Works on hybrids too, but doesn’t work on really big things like trains or Xelnaga constructs)

Fleet beacon upgrades

Phoenixes gain +2 attack range

Phoenixes can lift two targets at once

Phoenixes take 75% less damage while moving

Void ray

Mid range damage dealer. Elite void rays are summoned in squads of two. They can use prismatic strafe.

Prismatic strafe

Fires a massive beam that deals damage to enemies along the path of the beam.(Basically Karax’s solar lance on a void ray, but narrower)

Fleet beacon upgrades

Increase void ray move speed(to that of phoenixes)


Increase void ray attack range the longer it attacks

Void ray basic attacks deal bonus damage equal to percentage of target’s max health. Each charge level gives bonus damage equal to 0.5% of the target’s max health.


Long range disruption unit. Elite tempests come in squads of two. They can use lightning overload.

Lightning Overload

Fires an energy ball that explodes at the target area, dealing light damage to ground units and heavy damage to air units. Enemies hit are slowed and their energy is drained.

Fleet beacon upgrades

Tempest attacks deal 15% of their main target damage as splash around a small area.

Enemies damaged by tempests have their movement speeds and attack speeds slowed.

Tempest attacks have a chance to cast fear on enemies.

Carriers(graviton catapult automatically researched)

Capital ship. Elite carries are summoned one by one. They can activate hardened shields.

Hardened shields

All nearby air units’ shields(and carrier interceptors) will take only 1 damage from ground based attacks. Lasts 15s.

Fleet beacon upgrades

Increase interceptor launch range and leash range by 5(does not increase vision)

Increase carrier interceptor capacity and interceptor build speed by 50%

Each interceptor attack reduces enemy armor by 0.5, up to 5.

The four units above are Selendis's main army units. While massing a single type of ship works well enough, the Golden Armada works best when combined together. Some possible comps include Phoenix/Void Ray, which moves quickly around the map and has good firepower; Tempest/Carrier, which is very hard to kill and has extreme range; Carrier/Phoenix, which is effective at bulldozing fortified positions with hardened shields and graviton lift; Void Ray/Carrier, which provide the most single target dps; Phoenix/Tempest which rips apart air units; and many other comps.

The stargate can also build arbiters, they have no heroic counterparts


Provide additional utility. Has long range low damage attack(so you can A move them with your army).


Generates passive cloaking field, arbiters and Shield of Aiur cannot cloak each other

Mass recall


Cybercore upgrades

Give arbiters detection

Arbiters can group with your main army to provide support, but it is also possible to have them out in the open to teleport armies around like Zeratul's void arrays. Combined with Shield of Aiur, Selendis's(and her ally's) army can be extremely mobile.

Macro mechanics

To aid her building her fleet and getting all the upgrades, Selendis has some powerful macro mechanics to aid her

Assimilators give 2 more gas per trip.

Pylons grant double supply

Nexus can chrono boost three different structures simultaneously

Tech structures can work on two upgrades at once.

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Other units

Selendis also has access to ground units from gateway and robo. They do not cost gas and only takes up half the normal supply so that air units can remain her focus. However, the strategic value that ground units provide should not be underestimated.

Gateway units


Tanks that protect Selendis’s already relatively small ground army from ground to ground attacks. They also hold the enemy army in place so your fleet doesn’t have to chase things like fleeing ultralisks left over from an attack wave.

Twilight upgrades


Shield capacitor: Fully recharges a zealot’s shields. Basic attacks reduces ability cooldown.(like Artanis’s passive in Heroes of the Storm) Autocast activates when a zealot runs out of shields.


Battlefield commanders who help coordinate the fleet’s attacks.

Twilight upgrades

Resonating glaives: Adept basic attacks bounce to three nearby enemies

Networked targeting system: Units damaged by adepts are marked. Friendly units with projectile attacks have greatly reduced overkill against marked targets.


Support units that enhance air units’ effectiveness

Force barrier

Like force field but also slows any ground units touched and is not broken by massive units. Allies can pass through it.

Cybercore upgrades

Chrono field: Increases cooldown recharge rate and energy regen rate of all nearby friendly units

Repair beam: Repairs nearby damaged mechanical units

Robo units


Robo bay upgrades

Obs speed

Increase observer vision range by 25%


Tanky units that absorb and prevent damage

Robo bay upgrades

Improved barrier: Increase shielding provided by barrier by 100%

Annihilation cannon: Immortals can attack air at the same range as its anti ground weapon

Phase disruption: Basic attacks stun enemy units


Lv1 Passive mothership with two top bar abilities, ground units cost no gas and half supply

Lv2 Warp conduit active, final tier of phoenix upgrade unlocked, gas efficiency

Lv3 Gateway units upgrades unlocked

Lv4 Unlock elite void ray and final tier of void ray upgrade

Lv5 Unlock deploy scout squad

Lv6 Reduce Shield of Aiur energy drain during the channel. Increase scouts’ shields and anti-ground weapon speed by 100%. Safety protocol can now be deactivated at the Nexus

Lv7 Unlock elite tempests and final tier tempest upgrade

Lv8 Pylons grant double supply, nexus chrono boosts have three charges

Lv9 Unlock robo upgrades

Lv10 Unlock Shield of Aiur summon and planet cracker

Lv11 Unlock elite carrier and final tier carrier upgrade

Lv12 All tech buildings can research two upgrades at once

Lv13 Unlock arbiter

Lv14 All ability cooldowns and energy regeneration rates(including Shield of Aiur) are reduced by 25%

Lv15 Unlock blackhole


Increase unit attack speed vs Decrease ability cooldowns

A choice between simple A-move play style, vs micro-focused playstyle. Depends on if players want to enjoy the Golden Armada smashing everything or want a fun challenge of controlling the fleet.

Increase Shield of Aiur energy cap vs Reduce Shield of Aiur channel energy cost

A choice between using abilities often, or saving up for big fights. On shorter maps having extra energy will be great for completing the mission quickly. On longer maps/attack maps, being able to save up more energy for a big assault could be preferred.

Chrono boost efficiency vs Increase Shield of Aiur passive buffs

A choice between buffs during a fight, or buffs outside a fight. Better passive buffs help you and your ally's units survive, while three charges of enhanced chrono boosts can benefit your ramp up and many other commanders like Nova, H&H, Stukov and so on.

Rock Clearing

Zealots are slow but reliable. Scouts will attack rocks but drains energy for other uses. You can save up for elite void rays at the warp conduit. Your three chrono charges may help your ally clear rocks faster so they can help clear your rocks if you ask nicely.

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