dream unleashes skt t1 stories on stream and korean reddit picked it up

starcraft 1 - dream unleashes skt t1 stories on stream and korean reddit picked it up

first two paragraphs are about the pays he got when he was in skt t1.

after that he talks about his skt t1 life.

episode 1.

classic and soO was on diffrent floors. classic was at 5F and soO was at 7F

but every time soO would be at 5F laying at the same bed with classic.

soO would chat or sleep while classic would mess around with his smartphone.

……sometimes the 5F room would be locked up for some reason.

episode 2. if you hear shotguns at the practice room it would be 7 out of 10 dark. the other three would be soO.

the coach and the director hated shotguns but

the shotguns were great in heart of the swarm.

at times one bang!! would lead to another bang!! by someone else.

episode 3.

when i was in mvp DRG was so nice to me. those days were hard days and someone like DRG and Keen would help us out with delicious foods.

i keep close touch with these two bros.

chat:i heard MVP was famous for alcoholics?

i was underage to actually drink. wasnt good at drinking anyways.

at mvp i played league of legends rather than drinking alcohol.

but at t1 i never played league.

episode 4.

at skt t1's practice room every other game is forbidden.

but there was one dude who kept playing league of legends

…even when the coach was right behind him! if the coach would aproach him he would quickly alt-tab into starcraft practice. ….it gave me shivers.

"i can't tell you guys who that was"


※translator's note (maybe you guys saw the article of the chinese coach at WESG about famous players. look at inno's part. he watches SKT vs GRF while others are practicing…. for those of you who don't get it, after innovation came back after winning serral at WESG, he was knocked out of gsl right away. that night, inno was on his way up to plat in LOL and he failed to reach platinum league. according to soO inno raged about his teammates being trash at league.)

episode 5. 2015 blizzcon.

chat:why did you lose to your opponent so easily?

there were many reasons but to point out the jetlag was the main reason.

i played arcade with maru, sos, and "the dog" (refering to life) (korean reddit refers to life as "your dog")

it was so fun playing arcade. i failed to practice.

also i waited 8 hours for my game and it messed up my focus and condition. and blizzcon ended.

the story ends here, but according to the korean reddit there are more episodes about his army life, but the writer refused to bring that up since the stories were too dirty to write. but the video got deleted so there is no way to reach those episodes.

talking about army and duty, byun, after completing basic army trainings, has been placed to 상근, which is just working at a place near home and after work he can go home and play starcraft…

normally, like dream, army experience is pretty dirty but byun went the EZ way.

korean reddit was partly relieved and partly mad since byun actee like he was going to hell and everyone said farewell…

yesterday someone found a new terran grandmaster account on a devastating amount of win streaks.

guess we dont have to worry about byun now.

im new here and i will be posting as much as time allows me too. korean sc2 progamers have so much behind stories than you guys know about.

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