ESL Pro Tour 2020 updates re: DH Dallas (&Jonkoping)

starcraft 7 - ESL Pro Tour 2020 updates re: DH Dallas (&Jonkoping)

Heyhey all, posting this on both SC2/WC3 reddit pages for overview transparency. I wanted to write to you regarding the news that just was announced that DH Dallas & DH Jonkoping are both being postponed.

Well firstly, I know a lot of you here have been around for some time in esports now and you'll know that we are living in an era that we really haven't seen before, which comes with a ton of new challenges we haven't faced and certainly didn't have processes for. Either way we wanted you to know that the entire of the ESL & DH teams are working around the clock across all of our products in an effort to create a heavily adaptable environment to enable us to still help esports to move in the right direction during these times.

The coronavirus is a really serious topic that is having huge impacts on lives across the world and we need to make the right decisions during these times. IEM Katowice was no doubt very difficult to work through for multiple reasons for us as you know but during these times it's important we make these calls. Specific to the news then that both DH Dallas (SC2 competition) & DH Summer in Jonkoping (WC3 competition) are postponed I just wanted to write to you that even though these tournaments are not flat out cancelled & are only postponed we understand what this means for the planning of our ESL Pro Tour in 2020. We had actually planned to announce all qualification details (formerly challenger) for all upcoming SC2/WC3 events this week to provide the next steps for all players & fans to plan towards but we've now decided to bench this for the time being. What we are doing now is taking a closer look into our tour for the remaining of the year to reshuffle & organize plans, we are currently also exploring other content ideas to keep you entertained up until DH Valencia takes place. Right now our schedule for SC2 & WC3 looks like the following.

  • StarCraft II
    • DreamHack Valencia SC2 Masters: July 3-5
    • DreamHack Dallas SC2 Masters: Aug 14-16
    • Unannounced Masters: December 2020
    • Unannounced Masters: January 2020
    • IEM Katowice Masters Championships: Feb/Mar 2021
  • Warcraft III
    • DH Warcraft Open Jonkoping: WC3 Challenger: Aug 6-9
    • ESL Warcraft Challenger @ IEM Melbourne: Aug 22-23
    • DH Warcraft Open Rotterdam: WC3 Challenger: Oct 16-18
    • Unannounced Championship: Dec 2020

If there are any further significant updates we will be the first ones to let you know and also explain the thought process behind it as best as we can. Please do follow on twitter the following accounts from both ESL & DH: /ESLSC2, /DreamHackSC2 & then for WC3 /ESLWarcraft, /DreamHackWC3 for official updates. By the way, we are super happy with the success of the weekly ESL Open Cups we've installed and hope you continue to play, watch and cheer for more big gabe wins.

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