Feardragon vs iNcontroL & Rifkin: Analysis of Controversial Twitch Clip

starcraft 9 - Feardragon vs iNcontroL & Rifkin: Analysis of Controversial Twitch Clip

Earlier today, caster feardragon posted a
548346 why i am no longer a full time commentator - Feardragon vs iNcontroL & Rifkin: Analysis of Controversial Twitch Clip

TL blog explaining why he was taking a step back from full-time commentating after a three month trial period. In this blog, he details a lack of self confidence as one of the reasons for this, and he specifically cites this
screenshot of his former colleague, Rifkin, criticizing him for adding "nothing of value" to the broadcast. Rifkin also adds a Twitch clip which supposedly reinforces his remarks.

This is the clip in question:

I've taken a look at the clip, and my conclusion is that it is more of iNcontroL's fault than feardragon's.

First of all, here is a link to the full game:

-The game begins with a proxy Barracks by the Terran player, MaSa.

-The Protoss player, Neeb, scouts the Barracks with a Probe immediately and is able to kill the SCV before it finishes.

-MaSa immediately sends another SCV towards the Barracks while Neeb sends the scouting Probe to the Terran main. The two workers cross paths.

-Neeb begins a proxy Pylon with his scouting Probe outside of the Terran's prior to entering the Terran main to scout.

-MaSa starts his Factory in his pocket natural instead of at his ramp, potentially to trick Neeb into thinking that it has been proxied.

2:07 game time: feardragon correctly points out that MaSa may think that Neeb might be proxying, given that their workers crossed paths and the Probe has still not entered his main base.

2:16 game time: iNcontroL says, "You're doing that thing again where you're building up the tension like, way up high, but it's just not there…"

2:23 game time: feardragon correctly points out the Factory positioning from MaSa, commenting that Neeb may be tricked into thinking that it is a proxy Factory.

2:35 game time: Neeb builds two Shield Batteries in his main base. feardragon states that it could be because Neeb believes he is facing a proxy Factory. However. iNcontroL believes that the Shield Batteries are a "fake". In this case, MaSa scouting the Shield Batteries may lead him to believe Neeb is playing defensively, thus ruling out the possibility of a proxy Stargate, an aggressive build, in this situation.


2:41 game time: This is where the clip begins. iNcontroL is still explaining his belief that the Shield Batteries are a "fake". He believes that Neeb does think there is a proxy Factory at all, and that only purpose of the Shield Batteries is to try to trick MaSa.

3:00 game time: feardragon says he doesn't believe Neeb can rule out the possibility of a proxy Factory, pointing out that Neeb has allowed one Shield Battery to finish. iNcontroL's response: "He lets a shield battery finish… not the two… I'm offering you a glimpse into the mind of a good Protoss player and you're like, 'No, bad Protoss player mind'…"

3:17 game time: iNcontroL continues, " doesn't know, man, look at MaSa's base, look at everything he's making, tell me that that guy knows an Oracle is about to show up… " When the game ends, iNcontroL shouts, "G-G-G-G-UNIT!!! Not only did I do a crappy job of observing, I fought back feardragon's want to change what I was sharing with you guys, and I correctly called the game!"

In the end, here is my analysis of the situation from a Grandmaster Terran perspective:

-iNcontroL's thought process that the Shield Batteries may make MaSa feel safe at home is correct.

-feardragon was not arguing with iNcontroL on whether the Shield Batteries were being used as a fake. He was contending that Neeb may still have proxy Factory in the back of his mind, and thus he let one of his Shield Batteries finish in order to be safe against that possibility. On the other hand, iNcontroL seems to believe that Neeb knows for sure it's not a proxy Factory, which is not the correct line of thinking.

-iNcontroL is very unprofessional with his approach, as he seems to think there is an argument when it really isn't there. He is VERY proud of his "the Shield Batteries are a fake" theory, to the point where a person adding "the Shield Batteries may also be used to defend against Proxy factory" was seen as a direct argument against him. The whole situation was uncomfortable and unnecessary.

-feardragon never really disagreed with anything iNcontroL said, but on the other hand iNcontroL was taking every opportunity to antagonize feardragon's casting even when there was nothing there. I don't see how Rifkin can point to this clip as an example of "bad" casting by feardragon when it seems like it's entirely iNcontroL's fault for being so blindly dismissive of his co-caster.

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