Giving Thors a Role

starcraft 8 - Giving Thors a Role

So first yes, I'm a Terran. Before we get into it I want to say this isn't about matchups being balanced or not(my tvp winrate is 61%), I just feel that the Thor is underutilized and could be the missing ingredient to making late game tvp more viable for Terran.

So I think we can all agree Thor's are in a weird place ATM. Blizzard had repeatedly tweaked them to try and make them the default late game Terran AA with damage and range buffs, but due to their literal size, lack of maneuverability and inability to engage properly they still don't see much use. I propose the following changes.

  1. Make them smaller. Really, half the issue of Thor's is that they are so damn big and bulky it's impossible to get a number to engage at the same time as they get stuck behind each other and the back row isn't in range while the ones at the front get rekt. By making them smaller(say 75% of their current size? Maybe more maybe less) it would make it easier for them to actually engage properly.

  2. Have them in high impact mode by default. This is more a QoL change but it's really annoying when your in an intense game and you forget to put them in HI mode and lose an engagement because of it. The only time you want them in default mode is against mutas or against clumped Vikings. If protoss don't have to actively turn gateways into warpgates anymore and have HT autoattack, I think Thor's should start in HI mode.

  3. Give them a speed upgrade from the armory while reducing their range back down to 10. This would help them getting in position and catch a more mobile toss Airforce out in the open and rewarding good positioning/mirco while still (hopefully) allowing the toss to manouvre around them with the air advantage, but be punished for taking bad engagements with the potential of being hunted down. Making it an upgrade stops them from dominating zergs who go for mutas in the midgame.


Other benefits: By making the Thor a viable late game unit this in effect eases alot of the micro burden of the Terran late game army since it doesn't require you to activate any abilities(like siege mode on tanks/libs for instance) before the engagement allowing you to 1a your Thor's and focus on mircroing libs, ghosts and ravens. Having a unit that doesn't require any abilities in a late game comp would be a huge boon to Terran players that aren't gm.

Potential issues:

  1. With the upgrade it would make it far easier to kite things like chargelots which are a major counter. But considering the fact that immortals and warp prism exist I don't think this is to much of an issue. However if they really do end up being to powerful reducing their armor or vs ground dmg might help without hurting their role to much as AA.

  2. Thor rush. even with an armory required upgrade speedy Thor's could rek zealots in the early game. Tho again this may not be a problem As immortals=good unit.

  3. Battlemech with Thor's. By giving Thor's an upgrade that gives them speed this could push battle mech over the top and be oppressive for zergs to deal with as Thor's could snipe vipers pretty effectively. Tho this would not come in till late game it could really make them struggle if you have an army of cyclones hellions and thors zipping around the map killing hatcheries in 10 seconds, but maybe that would be fun and less opressive than I think as battlemech has fallen out of fashion. If it is to powerful idk what a solution would be. Maybe with nydus giving zerg mobility it's ok? Maybe reducing ground dmg on thors? Would love to hear your guys thoughts on this.

I tried to stray away from changing the stats on it as much as possible. I think these changes will give the thor some much needed utility as the centre piece anti-air Terran needs to compete against tempests besides ghosts and vikings without taking power away from the protoss late game as it can struggle against an efficient zerg. Would love to hear thoughts and criticisms on what you guys think should be done with Thor's, because as of now they just don't have a role in the game.

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