GSL Code S 2019 S1 | Group A Quick Recap

starcraft 10 - GSL Code S 2019 S1 | Group A Quick Recap

Overall not a very good day of games and schedule-wise we're in for a bit of a break until the next group (Feb 7th) but it's still great to get the GSL started up again.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead, Obviously.

Dark advanced in first place, Dear came in second – overall predictable outcome, though slightly underwhelming in terms of the level they showed.

  • Dark spanked Trust in the first match 2-0, made ZvP look like child's play (really showed there are levels to this thing). His second match against Dear, though, could have easily went the other way (honestly, he should have lost 0-2) but instead Dark showed some resilience for a change and came back to take it 2-1 (and, lets be honest, Dear was choking all day long).

  • Dear had a very weird day, easily stomped his first match vs KeeN 2-0 (though he did get some help from the odd choices to pull SCVs randomly, twice) but then went up against Dark and pretty much choked the 1st place in the group away (I need to rewatch that match, after the first map it seemed Dear was on point). Final match vs Trust was a bit of a shit show, honestly not a great PvP to watch, but he did somehow manage to take it 2-1 (unfortunate circumstances for Trust, after Dark woke him up he was playing decently enough to win this match, but seems it wasn't meant to be).

KeeN was obviously eliminated after losing four maps in a row – extremely underwhelming performance, considering he had to prep primarily for TvP, this is honestly a bit surprising to me. Seems like it just wasn't his day.

Trust on the other hand came in very cold for the first match – understandable, it's Dark – but after that seemed on point, although Dear and KeeN certainly helped. It feels harsh to say, but Trust seems like a good gatekeeper – if you can beat him you deserve to be in the Ro32 of Code S, but that's about where he seems to belong at the moment. He had opportunities to steal the 2nd spot away in this group and just didn't have it in him to take it.

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Here's a link to the VOD from today, at about 1 hour 23 minutes the Dark vs Dear match starts (honestly feels like the only one worth rewatching, I really want to see what changed in maps 2 and 3, just in case it wasn't just Dear choking it away).

Takeaways for the advancing players:

  • Dark is a bit of a mixed bag – amazing player, rarely gets the job done (see: earned trophies offline). I think it's a great sign he started a match horribly (vs Dear) and still managed to claw his way back. Although Dear certainly helped him out on map 2, it's not Dark's fault, he did everything right and showed surprising resilience. Looking forward to him disappointing us eventually in the Ro16 or Ro8 like he does most times in the GSL.

  • Dear really needs to pull himself together. He basically should/could have been out in first place of this group and we would have been talking about how good he looked, instead he kind of fell apart. In a more difficult group, he would have been knocked clean out, I feel like this draw really helped him out. I think it's going to be a very rough Ro16 for the guy if he has a weird day like today.

Keep in mind these are just my observations. If you caught something I missed / think differently, feel free to express yourself as well in the comments below.

Side note, I thought it was weird no one made a thread for the matches today – they certainly weren't exceptional, but it's the GSL, come on.

Anyway, thanks for reading & later.

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