GSL Code S Ro32 Group D – Predictions

starcraft 6 - GSL Code S Ro32 Group D - Predictions

GSL Code S Ro32 Group D



soO vs Dream

Zest vs herO



Group D features 3 fan favourites and a Terran who showed a glimpse of becoming a great years ago and is recently back in the scene.

soO, what can be said that hasn’t already. The silver surfer. Always the bridesmaid never the bride. The most consistent player in recent, if not all sc2 history, once again is trying for the maiden GSL trophy. soO’s 2019 has been one of note, outside of GSL. Top 4 at the most recent HSC only a few weeks ago and beating stats in the final of IEM Katowice are excellent results. He has floundered from his usual GSL placings, not making it past the ro8 so far in 2019. soO’s win rates are exceptionally well-rounded. 63% across all three with ZvZ being slightly favoured at 65%.

Quite the contrary is Dream. Recently back from retirement (Military Service) he did not qualify for any major even until Season 3 of GSL. In the qualifier, he beat Trust twice to secure his spot. There is not as much data for Dream due to his recent re-emergence, however a 56% winrate across all matchups with TvZ being his favoured at 62%.



Hard to imagine this not being a 2-0 for soO.

soO 2-0 Dream



Zest needs a strong performance, potentially even a win, to make Blizzcon this year after failing in the ro32 in both seasons so far this year. 3rd at HSC in June is good sign for his form coming into this group and he’ll be hoping he can make amends for the otherwise poor year for him, results-wise. Winrates in 2019 tell a slightly different story. Zest is sitting at 61% winrate across all matchups which is really quite good.

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The final player in this group is herO. Sitting just inside the top 8 for WCS Korea, a decent result in this Season should cement him to go to Blizzcon. Besides a 3rd place finish at IEM Katowice, herO hasn’t set the world ablaze far in 2019. His GSL results being a ro8 and ro16 Exit in the first two seasons. Another player with good winrates for the calendar year. Almost 63% across all races, making him the 3rd in this group to be above 60%. Zest and herO have faced off 5 times in 2019, with Zest winning 7 of 10 maps.



This is hard to predict. I think Zest’s recent uptick in form might get him over the line.

Zest 2-1 herO



soO > Dream

Zest > herO


soO > Zest – soO Advances

herO > Dream – Dream Eliminated


Zest > herO – Zest Advances


I expect soO to make it out first. herO or Zest to take the second spot. Either could come second in my opinion. Would be something special for dream to advance.


Thanks for Reading. Feel free to comment and provide feedback. 🙂 This seems on paper one of the weaker groups. I’d be very surprised if Rogue does not advance.

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