GSL Code S S2 Preview: Trust

starcraft 7 - GSL Code S S2 Preview: Trust

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revolution - GSL Code S S2 Preview: Trust is having a few issues. Please cheer for him!!!


Team Revolution are excited to be supporting our Korean Protoss Trust in his upcoming 7th GSL Code S. After crushing his qualifying group there is much too look forward to regarding Choi "Trust" Sung Il.

Day one of Trust's qualification process went about as smoothly as he could have wished for. Pulling off multiple upsets and qualifying straight out of the winners bracket. His first match saw him take on returning legend DongRaeGu (who he beat in season 1 to qualify for Code S earlier this year). A clean 2-0 for Trust swiftly followed, his next match was against two-time World-champion sOs. While PvP has historically been Trust's strong point; perhaps due to his past living with Zest and Stats, a win against sOs would make for a big upset. And he did just that. Taking down the Protoss titan 2-1 and claiming his second career victory versus sOs (a foe he is yet to lose too!). His qualifying match saw him play against Impact, a tricky Zerg who has often had the better of him (2-5 prior to this match). Trust managed to produce yet another impressive result taking Impact down 2-1 and earning himself a spot in the GSL Code S for the 7th time. Let's take a look at his Ro.32 group.

It would be disingenuous to say that Trust is favoured, in what looks to be a monster group for our Korean Protoss. Super Tournament runner up Gumiho awaits him in his first match while Zest and Impact battle it out in the rest of the group. His first opponent Gumiho looks to be in prolific form, taking out Stats and PartinG recently with revolutionary mech builds in the TvP matchup. Interesting use of cyclones, hellions and even battlecruisers led Gumiho to the final of the most recent Super Tournament before eventually falling to Classic. The stats are most definitely against Trust in this matchup, 1-8 in series vs Gumiho with the sole win coming in 2014. As well as this, Gumiho's TvP looks in rampant form, he is currently 9-1 in series (25-10 in maps) just this month. However, Trust has picked up wins this year vs Cure, KeeN and aLive and after a strong performance in the qualifiers you never quite know.


If Trust is going to progress forwards to the ro16 wins against Zest and Impact may be pivotal. The Ocean Gaming Protoss Zest has traditionally been one of the top players in the Korean scene, however he has struggled of late, falling in the ro32 of season 1. With the current chaotic nature of PvP in South Korea this is one of the harder matches to call. PvP has evolved to a stage where proxies and hidden twilight councils are completely normal and often matches can go to 10 minutes with just 30 probes a side. As a result Zest's control and unpredictable play style makes him one of the most formidable opponents in the PvP matchup. Although as Zest has a recent history of underperforming, with luck on his side, there is every chance Trust can take this series. One player that Trust does perhaps have the edge over is Impact, after beating him in the qualifier, we hope Trust will have the confidence to repeat his actions.

My Group B Prediction:





Overall, Trust is swarmed in group B with unpredictable and high-level players, a perfect opportunity for him to rise up to the occasion and claim his spot in the ro16 for the first time. Cheer for Trust and watch group B live on Tuesday 30th April at

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