Heart of the Swarm Hard No Units, and how it’s nearly impossible.

starcraft 7 - Heart of the Swarm Hard No Units, and how it's nearly impossible.

Heya, I'm the guy who originally came up and did the campaign Wings of Liberty on Normal with no units. Since then a bunch of people came up to me and told me how fun the challenge was, some madlads even Speedrunning it.

Anyway, I thought the next rational step was Heart of the Swarm on Hard, I was just like all of you. "You have Kerrigan, it's going to be so easy".

Yeah, haha, no.

In absolute theory the campaign is possible on hard. However, you need Alphastar levels of micro, let me explain.

After the first few missions (which are fairly easy) you have a choice between Char and Kaldir. Let me explain how both of them are so bullshit.

Char's first mission is quite easy. You Get the eggs, you get 140 supply of Zerglings and Banelings and A-move. Fairly simple stuff.

Char's second mission is where things got tough. Although I will admit it was fun playing Metal Gear Solid with creep tumors to get past the dozens of Missile Turrets (there is a route where you can avoid all of them with enough Creep Tumors).

Char's third mission is where it becomes possible to borderline impossible. It's entirely doable until you get to Warfield's base. Let me explain this.

In this mission, if you do all the research you will have around 10 Zerglings (that respawn, granted.), a Queen, 2 Abberations, and at most 13 Drones. That is your army to defeat a 6,000 health, 40 damage AA, constantly reinforced base.


I've tried this mission for literally 3 days. The farthest I've gotten is making a Hatchery outside the base to abuse Kerrigan Respawns with Creep Tumors, but we're forgetting the most important thing.





Any chance of turtling with Spine Crawlers is gone once you get here. Having to reposition Spine Crawlers every 30 seconds means the constant reinforcing Warhounds,Marines, and Vikings can kill your forces with ease.

So I decided after probably 10 hours of doing this mission to try Kaldir, and it's not much better.

The first mission is historically one of the easiest missions in any campaign. I don't think I need to explain why.

The second mission though. Oh boy. Assuming you do everything perfect, the largest your force will get is 6 Hydralisks and 3-4 Roaches. I don't care how much Kerrigan spam and APM you do, You can't 1v30 a Protoss army with Archons, Carriers, and Colossi.

So in the end, I decided to go with another memey gameplay. Brutal with only drones. Yes, it's possible. If you're interested I'll edit it.

Thanks for the read, have a good one


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