Hello! I’m new to playing SC2 competitively, and I’ve been doing everything I can to improve my gameplay. Here’s what I have so far.

starcraft 6 - Hello! I'm new to playing SC2 competitively, and I've been doing everything I can to improve my gameplay. Here's what I have so far.

This might take a hot minute to read, but I would greatly appreciate it (:

I've played StarCraft basically my entire life, but I just recently started taking the game more seriously and started playing quite a bit of ranked. I feel I owe it to the game for how much I've gotten out of it. I badly want to be really good at this game, and I think I can do it, but this has meant I've had to take a lot of physical notes in my SC2 notebook. I have a google doc created as well. I've learned a bit from the past two weeks I've been grinding (some days a lot more than others), but I think the actual relevance of notes is not very high. I play Terran exclusively right now, and I have a bit of information gathered, but it doesn't really translate to tipping games in my favor (which I hope it will eventually).

I've played a lot some days, equal amounts of both ranked 1v1 and ranked 2v2, but I ordered a 60% size mechanical keyboard that will be arriving tomorrow. My APM went from 60 to 130, but I have been playing with a tilted keyboard so far so I have more room/a better angle, and I won't need to do that with the new keyboard. When that gets here, I'm sure my APM will start climbing (a little) again, since I won't have to learn the game at a tilted position anymore. I don't really have a solidified build for each match up, but I imagine my APM will increase then, too.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, but here's my notes thus far, straight out of Silver 2:


StarCraft II

잘 해보자 (Context for this post: I copy and paste this every game when I say "GLHF". I doubt it intimidates anyone, but it's Korean for "Let's try our best." It's the right mentality, if I really wanna get good lmao)

Remember, it’s just a game, and you love this game.


-If you have sleeves, roll them up.

-Properly stretch.

-Copy 잘 해보자.-GLHF.

Various Tips

-Against Terran, scout with 2 SCVs. DO NOT LOSE EITHER OF THEM. Yeah, don't actually do this. Pretty obvious why not to, and now I am prepared if anyone thinks to do it to me.

*Learn when the optimal time to scout is, in general.

-Practice for STUPID ZERG. Every game is just TvT anyway, but seriously. Figure out something besides "harass with hellions and attack with tanks".

-Your two reaper +1 tank early push seems to be relatively effective against Terran. Find out if it's a viable strategy, or if it works better/worse against other races. *Maps may hinder this strategy's ability.

Map Notes

1v1 Ladder Maps

-Port Aleksander LE, Reapers are extremely difficult to harass with/get vision with. There's really only one spot to jump into opponent's base from. Easy to defend against.

Unit Notes

-Adepts, require a Cybernetics Core. 70 HP, 70 PS, 1 AR. 3.5 Speed. 4 Range. Extremely strong against Reapers, but technically have less range.


I know of course a lot more about the game than this, but these are tips that aren't usually in random youtube videos. I've done a lot of studying to improve my speed, and I use hotkeys, control groups, shift clicking when building, etc etc. My builds are not solid yet, but in general I go with Combat Shield Marines, Tanks, and SCV push. I have that hand written down too to glance over at next to my computer if I'm not 100% what my next building is (although I will memorize it soon). I also understand this strategy is specifically good in TvP.

In TvT, I usually play aggressively. I scout with two SCVs, so I can easily kill whichever of their SCVs are building something, or attack multiple buildings at once, although I'm not sure how much that slows me down by sending two. I harass with a reaper, make a second reaper, marines, and usually push as soon as my first tank is done. With proper scouting, I pick a spot by their ramp for my reaper(s) to jump over, and give my tank sight.


I actually have no idea what I'm doing in TvZ. The first game I won was because I spammed as many marines as possible early game, and attacked as soon as I had stimpack. I don't know how much I'm supposed to be using my hellions, but they seem useful for attacking expansions and out micro-ing Zerglings early. I've read I'm supposed to push with two tanks and marines with stim. I'm not sure if I should make vikings or medivacs to take with me when I attack, either.

My progress has been up and down. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting somewhere, and other times I remember have 2300 MMR and I'm playing on a tilted keyboard that slows me down currently, and I'm about to lose a match because I didn't siege my tanks properly. It seems unpopular, but I still always say GG. I enjoy this game a lot, even if I'm being out played continuously. I'll even say gg to cheese, because I was the loser who was bad enough to not scout it or defend. I take a lot of pride in this game, and hope to play against some big players someday. Maybe even soon <:>

My biggest questions I have so far are:

-What are Cyclones used for? I get the impression they're alright in TvP for warding off early oracle harass, and they can attack air so that's nice, but to me they seem strictly worse than just going for a siege tank. Maybe I should be harassing more Cyclones if I make them, to go with my reapers. IDK.

-I haven't faced it yet, but how do you beat 6 pool Zerg? I don't wall off, because from what I've seen, pro Terran players don't usually "wall", but they sometimes try and obstruct the top of the ramp a little so the attacking units have to go around or through buildings, and get bad micro. I don't wall off because I'm hoping I'm being faster and more efficient than my opponent, so I don't want to waste a single mineral by losing so much as a supply depot. Especially, if I'm the aggressor.

-I initially thought I'd hate to play against Zerg the most, but honestly, I can't stand Terran right now with how some people play them. Terran who turtle drive me crazy. It just means the game is going to go on for 30 minutes, and they eventually die because I have 8 expansions and they've just been chillin'. And I hate even more, when it actually works and I somehow throw the game. Is there a really effective way to break the Terran turtle shell once tanks and turrets are up?

-In 2v2, how different should my build be? Me and my friend play Terran and Protoss as our team, but usually I still go marines and tanks, and he builds his army (mostly stalkers), and we push at the same time around the 6 minute mark.

If you have any insight at all, I would be so thankful.

I love this game, and I have been putting a lot of time into it lately. I'd say, even if there's games where I'm not doing the fastest possible build, or having 200+ APM, with how I'm training myself, I hope my knowledge of the game will help me plan my next move accordingly. Then, once my speed is there, I feel I'll be a more complete player.

My BattleTag is ShzMc#1884. I'd love to meet new people to play with, or even to talk about the game. Or, if you read my post and just wanted to add me because this has been interesting at all: I'm there. Maybe I can actually get more than 3 people in my clan, too

I will discuss with anybody who found the time to read/respond to my nerdy aspirations.

Thanks for reading!

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