Hi, SeleCT here.. What have I been doing? how did I decide to study in computer science? Am I just lucky?

starcraft 3 - Hi, SeleCT here.. What have I been doing? how did I decide to study in computer science? Am I just lucky?

Of all time playing games, I was always wondering how all these things work behind the screen. So I told myself that when I retire from gaming, I will study computer science. Now, this is second journey in my life, and I am very motivated to study in computer science. I am especially glad that I could be part of this new exciting epoch: The Fourth Industrial Revolution. I can’t even imagine how world would look like in the future, and I believe that it is very much possible because of the technology.

I agree. I am very lucky that there is someone who recognizes my potential. I will never turn them down on their decision. I will try hard as much or redouble my effort I did back when I was a professional gamer.

Sadly, I hear some people say I have zero skill in computer science, and I only got the offer because of my gaming career, but that is wrong. I am currently attending University of Washington which has the top 10 computer science program. To be specific, they are ranked top 6 for undergraduate CS program. I have been studying very hard to get into the Computer Science Program in UW, and also to graduate. Not only that, I am also trying all the interviews from different companies, I wanted to test myself, and I am actually advancing to the final round of interviews. (Since this is the time when most of companies seek for the interns)


So more than an offer from Shopify, I still have some interviews left and offers from other companies as well, and I am still talking to them. And yea, I might get better offer from others. However, at this point I think I have pretty much decided my mind to do interns in Shopify for this upcoming Summer. The main reason for that is because of the company culture, and mentorship. I want to work in a company that has more collaboration and work as a team rather than stuck in a company with smartest people doing their individual work without any communication. I think Tobi is the guy who makes people want to work for him

Without preamble, I would like to say thank you to Tobi for giving me an awesome opportunity!!

P.S. Dear my fans who loved and still love me. I am so sorry that I did not stream all these years, I have been pretty busy grinding in school. Doing homework and studying for exam just take a lot of time. Once I graduate, I promise I will stream sometime! Love you sons ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and thank you for reading this pack of mumbles, I wanted to share my thoughts and recent conditions!

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