Honest thoughts about Terran including TvP and general balance

starcraft 2 - Honest thoughts about Terran including TvP and general balance

Just to preface: I don't want this to turn into Terran whine, but it may be inevitable so I'm hoping for the best. A little about where I'm coming from here, I'm a super low Diamond Terran so as far as game knowledge, I have some, but obviously am lacking a lot compared to masters and GM (and like nothing compared to Pros though). However, what I do have going for me is that I am going to school for Game Development so I like to think about games I like from a Game Design perspective and this is also good practice for me! So, with that I like to have the honest conversations about balance and game design, it's just hard to find them. I do believe that there is a solution to making the match-up a bit better and more enjoyable. Alright, I'll go into my actual thoughts now.

TvP is balanced in the fact that there is a way to counter each and every unit that Protoss has. If that weren't true, there wouldn't be an argument against Terran whine. I do believe that the units that Terran has don't work together well enough compared to how well Protoss and Zerg units work together. And I think that synergy is a thing that Terran lacks a lot of when compared to the other races.

Example 1: Spellcasters

For the sake of argument I have pairs of spellcasters in all 3 match-ups. Raven/Ghost, HT/Sentry, and Infestor/Viper. I am choosing to ignore Oracles for now, but they could replace Sentries in my pairing for Protoss. I want to point out some of the synergy of these spellcasters, or the lack thereof. As far as HT/Sentry goes when used with an army, the combination of guardian shield with some good force fields helps psistorm by trapping units as well giving survivability to the HT and rest of the army. Vipers' blinding clouds let infestors land fungals more easily, and vise versa. Raven and ghost both kind of do the same thing, but don't help each other perform that role. A bunch of EMPs do the same thing that anti-armor missile and a few interference matrices do, softens up the protoss army, which Terran really needs. Getting all of the Raven/Ghost spells off is super useful, but it takes forever to cast the spells of 2 spell casters that don't set each other up. If you get all of your emps off, you're gonna be taking a few shots from Colossi or Disruptors, or if you get Raven spells off, you're gonna be taking some storms. I don't know of a way to really give this pair the synergy it needs, but this is a set of units that I believe needs to be looked at together when it comes to TvP.


Example 2: Static Defense Static Defense is pretty lacking when it comes to Terran. Bunkers are decent early game, but don't have a place in mineral line defense at any point in the game. Missile Turrets I don't particularly like since 2 oracles can do serious damage to a single missile turret when not repaired (and I'm assuming that it won't be repaired on the sole fact that Terran healing and repair don't fit the way the game has evolved. I'll explain that in a bit). The strategy for placing Turrets is to place them around a base when Several Air units are expected, but against multiple units in a clump, they aren't effective (i.e. Mutas, Phoenix, Oracles). And when drops or warp ins happen in your main, Turrets do nothing against ground units. Siege Tanks and Widow Mines do damage against ground, but are also notorious for splash damage against the Terran and having to keep units in the main to do a job that static defense could do is annoying. To be fair, Zergs tend to keep Queens in near all their hatcheries, but they also have 2 types of static defense as well as a nydus if they've gone down that tech path already and Protoss have occasionally kept a few units at home, but they do have recall and photon cannons + shield batteries are strong static defense, plus they have recall and warp ins. So I believe that Terran either needs a buff to Missile Turrets, a new ground based static defense structure that isn't that viable proxied or encourage too much turtling, or some way to make bunkers more viable despite the cost of 100 minerals for itself and the fact that it needs Marines or other units in order to be useful.

The Repair Issue: Aside from the Reaper, no units heal on their own for Terran, whereas everything does for Zerg and Protoss at least have shield regeneration. With the changes that have come to Queens' Transfuse and the use of Shield Batteries I think that Terran has been made far under powered by the fact that bio needs to use the energy of Medivacs and mech/structures need to take resources in order to gain their health back. I think a change to how it works and how much time and resources it takes to keep units alive would be cool at this moment. I don't propose that repair be removed or natural regeneration be added to all units, they game has been made surrounding this and an overall may not exactly fix it so I think a minor buff to Medivacs or a reduced cost to repair may be viable, but I worry about things like bunker rushes being too strong if they are easily repaired. Either that or give a small buff in the form of a late game upgrade that gives bio units more survivability.

Recuce CC cost: I'm going to mention this because I've now seen it mentioned a few times. I think it's an awesome buff to Terran, but I think that the repercussions for it would be way too beneficial to Terran in all match-ups especially TvZ.

TL;DR Terran lacks a lot of synergy between its units and structures that can be seen more so in the other races. I make a couple suggestions, you yell at me, we have a good time!

Thanks for those who read, I'm writing this super late at night so double thanks for trying to make sense of my ramblings. Please let me know what you all think about my thoughts, like I said, I like the game design conversations so I'll try to respond to what I can in the morning. Please keep it civil and on topic!

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