How am i supposed to play zvt if im not serral?

starcraft 1 - How am i supposed to play zvt if im not serral?

Every game is the same. They open reaper, into helion, into libs and then drop like crazy. Of me as zerg im expected to: -perfectly scout -drone just the right amount -have lings running around the map the whole time -spread creep -not miss injects (very important) -hit every single sharp timing

Then when the dropping starts im supposed to: -See every single drop coming in advance -Not have my army in one place and micro all my squads perfectly -Keep expanding and spreading creep so i can defend those expansions

Terran has to: -shift queue drops -shift queue libs


Thats it. Like im not gonna outright say that terran is broken because yeah serral can stomp them all, but im at a complete loss. 7 zvt losses in a row like this. They stretch me out completely and i just dont have the apm to do everything i should. One game i dont have creep spread, the other i didnt inject perfectly so now im floating 1000 gas and mins but 8 minutes. Then other games I just for the life of me cant manage to perfectly partition my army so that i can defend drops at three different places at once. Also you have no chance of coming back or so it feels. Once you get into a stranglehold terran just keeps choking you till you bleed everything out. So please, anyone, any coach any rescource, im willing to accept anything to help me because i feel like im forced to play so much better and especially faster than terran to beat them while they just do simply shift drops and have all the time in the world to do what they want. Now im willing to believe this isnt the case so please please please help me out.

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