How do I claim War Chest XP from Twitch?

starcraft 6 - How do I claim War Chest XP from Twitch?

Hey guys, I'm a bit clueless, maybe you can help me out.

It seems I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what exactly.

I've bought Zerg Pass, granted access in Twitch extension, but can't really understand how do I claim XP from it.

I've watched enough minutes on eligible stream, but a button "claim XP" doesn't appear anywhere.

Something is happening though, because that's what I got

After that box appeared I've opened SCII and clicked War Chest, 50k XP has filled the bar, so everything's legit. But I didn't do anything to claim XP, and I didn't get more XP when this box appeared again in 30 minutes or so. I've opened and closed the game several times after that, but no chance.

While I was writing this post, in place of a previous box appeared another one, this one offering me to buy War Chest… And on store page it's telling me I already have Zerg Pass?

What the hell am I doing wrong? Or is it a bug? You are eligible to claim XP on Twitch with just one race pass, right?

I've read through all the FAQ, but couldn't find anything related.


EDIT: I'm also stuck on "watching Wardiii". I've watched his stream today, later switched to ToD's. When I'm on ToD stream, my status is displayed correctly ("watching ToD"), however when I'm switching to main Twitch page, my status switches to "watching Wardiii". I don't know if it has any relation. Both streams are eligible for War Chest XP.

Status is showing correctly now, everything else is still a problem.

EDIT2: I've opened SCII again, that's what I've got I've relogged in the game, the zerg pass appeared bought, but with 0 XP. I've switched to welcome screen, then back to collection>war chest. It is now showing the XP I've earned, but the problem still persists.

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Now some times when I'm logging in starcraft, the war chest tab is absent completely from Collection menu. Some times it's there and displaying correctly. What the hell is going on 😀 Am I the only one with this problem or are the just some lags with the servers or something?

EDIT3: I've taken notification box literally and played a couple co-op and 1v1. No luck.

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