How do I win?

starcraft 9 - How do I win?

I'm new to this game but I've been playing with my friend, lots of 2v2s and 1v1s. Mostly interested in self-improvement so 1v1 advice is the best I'll just transfer it to 2v2s and use whatever I get here to help my friend out.

I get owned every game, we both do. Dudes come knocking at our door like 7 minutes in and we can't do shit about it.

We have no idea how to build a defence like literally what do we actually do?
He plays Terran, I play all of the races because I don't know who's my fav but let's just say Zerg because they're been the most fun for me.

How do dudes have such large armies so early? When we focus on building an army quickly and attacking we get absolutely steamrolled by the enemies bigger defences and then we have literally no units for their counter attack.

I've watched some guides and know to keep building workers and I take a second base pretty much straight away. I end up having way too many minerals and I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to be doing to use them.

To gauge my skill level, I think I'm the lowest possible tier or rank in the game, I only learnt last night that I can use the Queens to do a creep thing and extend my creep area and they can also inject larvae onto the main thing (Hatchery?) so I'll try to work with them more.


I also learnt last night after getting destroyed by a Diamond Tier 3 in 2v2 (why was he even in our game???) that I can use Spore Crawlers to detect invisible units.

The Diamond Tier 3 guy was a Zerg main he added me and sent me links to some YT clips to watch and says he'll help me out with some Zerg tips in the future, his strategy basically walled me into my base, he built creep area right up to where I was and had a heap of units invisible on it and also had the spore and spire crawlers in it so I couldn't really do anything. I feel like there's no way I'd have enough money or anything to build 1/10th of what he had at that point in the game.

I also lose against basically every single first push no matter what I build – how do I defend against these early pushes?

How do I not get owned by invisible units? How do I not get owned by enemy air units that come and kill all my workers?

I need like super basic tips to help me stop losing immediately, basically. I think the game is fun and I'm enjoying it though. Would enjoy it better if my only wins weren't from the enemy quitting.

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