How should Blizzard deal with zerg after blizzcon

starcraft 5 - How should Blizzard deal with zerg after blizzcon

So obviously the ro8 hasn't happened yet, but we saw quite a few games with Zerg vs the other races so far and we've also had a year of zerg domination. It seems the Zerg's have learned from Serral and given a serious lack of nerfs to Zerg all year, the problem has only got worse. Protoss soultrain got nerfed as it was proving a powerful remedy to Zerg, and we've been seeing Protoss try and fail to all-in Zergs time and time again recently.

Trap vs Elazer has been a huge indicator of the problems with zerg. In set 1 game 1 Elazer was extremely slow to get greater spire, and even slower to upgrade infestors, he took huge drone losses and Trap out-expanded him only to lose to broodlord infestor. Set 2 game 5 Trap tricked Elazer into mass-producing Hydras, and he didn't have the ravager count to deal with all the forcefields which were the only reason his mass Stalker push clutched out the win.

So what should we do? Balance is difficult in this game but I have some ideas, and would love to have a dicussion about it. The possible patches incoming are extremely lacking with regards to Zerg's dominance.

Tempest and Carriers seem a little too weak now. Particularly the fact that Tempest has such low damage.

I think a direct nerf on Ravager could help, possibly increasing the cooldown on bile. It seems Protoss can't succesfuly all-in a decent Zerg that scouts due to forcefield being nullified and too much supply in sentries which prove basically useless. This would make it harder to beat all-ins and Zerg may be forced to be slightly less greedy in order to hold. Of course an all-in that is defended well and scouted well in advance shouldn't be able to win, but Protoss and Terran are both extremely lacking in terms of early aggression.


I don't know but Banelings might just be too strong against terran, siege tanks and widow mines are both lacking, especially if you consider how well Protoss have been doing with mine-drags and Zerg are at getting flank-surrounds on tanks and pre-triggering mines.

I predict Broodlords are going to need a further nerf, the range bug being removed is a good start but unless Infestors are actually nerfed they will remain almost impossible for any race to counter. Fungal might need another nerf and infested terrans will definitely need a further nerf unless Protoss air and possibly Terran answers get buffed.

What do you guys think? Can we have a constructive troll-free discussion on this? Blizzard seem to have completely failed to listen to the hints left by commentators and players ( Serral and Rogue) takes on this. Rather than meme in twitch chat, shall we try suggesting solutions? I would have posted more of them if I hadn't struggled myself, I would prefer to buff than nerf but I'm struggling to think of ways to improve Terran and Protoss's counters to Zerg except for the fact that they all too often seem to upset the nature of the TvP, which I think is in a very good place right now. (thanks to some decent changes by Blizz, although I'm mostly just thinking of Enhanced-Shockwaves

edit: forgot the obvious nerf to nydus cost

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