How to play Prisoner in 2v2 SC2!

starcraft 6 - How to play Prisoner in 2v2 SC2!

Hey guys,

First time posting here, but life time SC2 fan (both me and my friend have been playing since Elementary School and we're now 26/28yrs old). Since we've been playing for so long, we tend to try absolute BS strategies and see if we can win, and this one is no exception.

Welcome to Prisoner, the 2v2 game of becoming a warden! The way to play the game is your team being Zerg/Protoss and the enemy team having at least 1 Protoss player on it (which seems likely in a 2v2 these days). The Zerg player makes nothing but Infestors and researches Neural Parasite and Burrow, while the Protoss player rushes air (the Protoss Air is your team's brute strength). The initial goal of the Zerg player is to go to the enemy Protoss mineral line and steal one Protoss probe, run it to an open area (where you choose your prison to be), and start building yourself a Nexus (you'll need multiple Infestors to walk it all the way). Then you're free to give back the first Probe you stole. While the Zerg Nexus is building, have your original Protoss player build a wall of Pylons around your Nexus, where anyone inside can't escape and where there's room for the Nexus to use Strategic Recall without units getting outside of the wall. Finally, make sure the original Protoss player makes a few Oracles (they're the best prison guards with their Stasis Ward). When the Zerg Nexus is complete, you can now let the games begin!


Send your army of Infestors underground to the enemies base (doesn't matter what enemy at this point) and get to their mineral line. If they have detectors, make some Infested Terran to be a distraction to the detectors and kill those detectors. QUICKLY mind control as many enemy workers as you can, have the workers bunch up in a group, and use your Zerg Nexus to Strategic Recall all of the enemy workers you just mind controlled, and they will ALL warp to your Nexus, becoming your first prisoners of the game! (my record of warping at one time is 13 workers) Rinse and repeat until you fill up your prison with as many prisoners as you can! (Strategic recall can be used once/minute I do believe)

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Now, prisoners tend to not like being prisoners, so you need to keep them in line! Oracle Stasis Wards are perfect to keeping the prisoners from trying to destroy the walls of your prison by freezing them for a bit. You can also mind control the workers inside of the prison to give them a tranquilizer for a few seconds. If the prisoners are really bad, you can also expand the prison and put some prisoners in time out (Vipers are also good at moving prisoners around if needed!).

Finally, the enemy will (most likely) not enjoy the fact that their workers are in prison (as they take up supply space w/o being useful at all), so you need to protect the prison at all costs WITHOUT KILLING YOUR OWN PRISONERS! (that's illegal neglect of the prisoners and can net you your own prison sentence).

Clearly my friend and I have lost our minds, but it's rather fun being a prison guard (a lot funner in SC2 than real life, which I used to do). If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up and I'll answer what I can.

Have fun playing Prisoner!

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