I am a huge Geoff Robinson fan, but a lot of his WCS challenger casting is…_

starcraft 1 - I am a huge Geoff Robinson fan, but a lot of his WCS challenger casting is..._

Okay, so I really do like Geoff. I think he's hilarious, a great host of the pylon show and just an overall really wonderful personality and great person to have involved in your game's community; however, watching this weekend's broadcast of WCS challenger was a little frustrating. Let me explain why.

It seems Geoff gets bored, or tired, or he feels the game he's commentating simply isn't exciting. So he..

  • doesn't say very much
  • mumbles or speaks extremely softly into the mic
  • audibly and directly complains about the match–that it's taking too long or is bad or boring
  • criticizes the players or his co-commentator

To be clear, the broadcast I'm talking about is June 8th, the day TLO played. But I've noticed it throughout Geoff's challenger broadcasting.

Look, I'm not one of those people who gets offended by a Geoff joke. I also don't feel super uptight when people don't talk about the game when commentating. It's all good. I mean, the Tastosis model is the best where you're not headbanging into the game every single second, but put on a good show and commentate the meaningful parts of the game, not play-by-play every banshee missile.


But at least put in the effort that other commentators would when they would–like FearDragon did, like ZG does and would, like Nate and Rotti do, etc.–to at least show you're grateful of the amazing position you're in as an in-house commentator of a computer game. And not because you need to assure everyone who's watching that you would jump in front of a bus to cast MaSa vs. Rob, but because it's your job to be professional and produce quality content.

Mumbling and complaining about the games that it's your job to commentate is just super cringey to watch. And, as a viewer, I hate it.

Some of the time, Geoff is great. But I find he consistently slips into bad habits throughout the day and it seems slightly unfair to not only other commentators that would be happy to be in his position, but the players and viewers as well.

I can already hear Geoff defending himself and making fun of this post, or doing his wheeze-laugh–TheThing. I'm just speaking honestly and openly. I really want these WCS casts to be awesome but for them to be that, Geoff needs to resist his sometimes-lesser-impulses. 5 hour energy, cold water on the face, I don't know.

Am I crazy, or do other people feel similarly? I've been watching and playing Starcraft for 12 years btw.

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